Evening Prayer to Isis

Hail Isis, glorious Goddess,
Day is done
and the night is come,
the sun is set
and the stars emerge.
This is the Evening Rite,
the rite to end
the day of light.
Let your instrument sound
hailing You with all homage,
Isis, glorious Goddess.
To the candlewick the fire I raise on the altar set to You,
Isis, glorious Goddess,
And the nightime incense rises, sweetly mixed,
to put me in the mind of perceiving You,
Isis, glorious Goddess
Who rises behind me like a flame of gold
and brushes my back with deft wings.
I make open the nape of my neck to You.
Let Your portal welcome You,
O Isis, Great and glorious Goddess.
Up my hands rise and hold the curved bow of exaltation,
And rise once more to the sharp angle of invocation.
Come, oh great and glorious Goddess,
Come in the fullness of force and love,
let Your garment for a moment clothe You,
O Isis, Goddess great and glorious.

From inside the Pyramid of Unas at the Giza Plateau, Egypt.

The Egyptian Mysteries

This is an authorized mirror of J S Kupperman's Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.