The future is now as it exists;
As we enter into the Aquarian Age;
The age of the conquering child;
Horus girded with a woman;
Holding a sword.
She does-the mighty and exalted harlot;
Time waves in a tripod
Spiral aeons
whirling a dance
of fever, god and platinum.
The future is now;
This inserted Aquarian Age;
The invocation of Shiva;
The mighty She
Goddess; NUIT
The victom;
A swoon of blood;
Venom of Magick and Power;
No more sheep;
Only snakes and doves;
Only mind and matter
lost in the fire, the spirit;
The dream of the mighty;
A STAR, we all

by Paul Joseph Rovelli

The Egyptian Mysteries

This is an authorized mirror of J S Kupperman's Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.