The Spinners of Diamond Light

Behold the first of gate and all but one (spinners/singers) do gather souls by fire's light.
And on, the second of gate ripples through the shapes of past
The third of gates is breached in whisper should the ear be sound.
And lo! This night doth bring such fears of crack that rivers breathe in emptiness.



Being the Lords of Lyra.

Comes one eternal moment presupposed

Wherein all balance meets upon the Eye;

As past and future intersect in turn

Of cosmic wheel, so life from death is fired.

In such a moment do the veils withdraw

For Swift of Second as the Powers yield

Upon the heart. Now Chronos stands aside

A muted image to the source revealed.

First borne of speakers is the Talisman,

Tail-biting serpent crowning child of flame;

With haunting song that once could move the trees,

Or bind a river's course for turn again.

Once ruler, sacred marker bearing south,

Firing sound as Lord of Flight unto the eye,

That would, at rest, eternal vigil keep

To gather strands across the gulfs of time.

On quarter turn of wheel comes memory,

One more and talons claw the stellar night;

The hunter and the hunted intertwined

Come through the void as imprint to the mind.

The dying child is keeper of this frame,

That things as senseless be would now reflect

Some strength of purpose in the rend of heart,

For challenge and direction to effect.

Unto the Lords of Flame is payment due,

The offering of Truth unto the Eye,

And having given all as sacrifice

The wheel gives out new meaning to design.

(Written 22nd March 1998).


Being the Lords of Ursa Major.

Comes now eld ruler of the Dragon's Fire,

From north to south with cord protecting soul,

And guard and triple veil so none might see

The realm of “yet to be” as tears that fall.

In cavern's mouth the dragon weaves its tail,

Unto the axis of continuum,

Once near and back with breath to light the way

That those as yet unborn to kingdom come.

Akaris leads the way through endless night

Of solemn rites to shape the living tree,

That in some frame called Time the flow abounds

With vital fire as life from mystery.

By dragon spell comes guardian, and cord

Is sanctified with Eye and from the Heel,

Thus it would be for City of the Sun,

And mark the passing of the Lords of Thebes.

Cry “nevermore” in Truth to worlds forgot

And links of passage that defy the sense;

Cry “nevermore” for things that cannot be

When answers fall through time and time again.

Ere Warrior is challenge to the Eye

To spill the seed of Tamet's final death;

'Tis well to harvest knowledge for thy guard

As mirror image be thine own defence.

Destroyer and the Winter's Dragon cross

Upon reflection in this isle of dream;

And seven tears ray out behind the sun

That worlds of nevermore will come revealed.

(Written 28th March 1998).


Being the Lords of Orion.

'Tis time - the tyranny from Man's own greed,

The final page wherein the cry is writ,

The end of fertile ground, the last of tears,

All pale in silence to the Mark of Kings.

'Tis time - for sake of those imperfect, come

The Lords of Harvest from the western gate,

All hunger for the blood of those unborn,

All power in the summoning of name.

For ties of soul the world is racked with fear

As moves tomorrow with no child's delight.

But who will gift the laughter that must be

The break of pattern to a soulless night.

For ties of kin the Hunter offers blood

From throat and heart of willing sacrifice,

That would in shadow even challenge death

And make of paradox no resting place.

The rite of passage from a turn of cross

With dying breath as last of song, as pause

That even Gaia's daughters turn in flight

Eternal when the Hunter comes no more.

All in mastery for a string of sound

When timing brings reflection to the heart

And all is not upon a winter's night

With intersection from a distant star.

All in maelstrom if the Hearing Man denies

The words to break a bitter silence come

Upon the eye of storm that has no end,

So summoned by fragility of Man.

(Written 3rd April, 1998).


Being the Lords of Auriga.

Man child, dragon cub, will personified,

Standing sentinel for a single word

That would through time invoke the death of Kings

In some dark Swift of Second to the world.

Herein momentum in the bleed of space,

All Alpha and Omega of between,

The driver poised upon an arc of star

To shadow movement in the break of wheel.

Herein all manifest to spiral out,

All quest for breath that will not be repelled,

For every limitation that is found

Are bound those victims in the Catcher's web.

Cast not a shadow to this first of gate,

Nor power be, nor resolute in form;

The crack, the cry, the Charge read out would be

Unravelling to those as yet unborn.

Be still, be sharp, have mastery of wit

So finely tuned that no one can deny

The poise, the pivot, that are challenges

For ease of laughter we would let you die.

Who come here yield, that of an open heart

The spill of pulse and blood would feed the core

And make such new beginnings that would be

Full circle to the challenges before.

Tomorrow and tomorrow ever be

Potential in these images of dance:

Be offered up as willing sacrifice

And there may be a morrow for the heart.

(Written 9th April 1998).


Being the Lords of the Argo, Carina.

Upon some designated tor, the mark

Of eld Warrior bound with Neophron

Is known no more, and yet, upon the darkest hour

The sounds of sentinel would drift to shore.

Bright wing, dark wing, the Vulture caught in stone

All seeing keeper of our memories,

Forever feeding on decay and decadence

That shapes adjustment that would set all free.

Behind, the Warrior for sacrifice,

With birth of child to hold unravelling:

To come, the shape shifter born of prayer

And powered by the winds of cosmic stream.

Between, the Neophron, Omega's sign,

Carrier of dead names beyond the veil,

As Hekt in synchronicity to be

Momentum in the powering of rays.

Behold pale Argo to the Lovers shift,

When Leda bleeds upon the sacred urn,

And from her waters feeds the children come

For space to breathe and turn upon the Earth.

This gate of limitations can withstand

No more, when shadowed Tamet opens eye

Upon the gash of children come, and weaves

One last tomorrow wherein Kings may die.

To ground, the ground, the fifth of song is spun

With turn of seventh key in diamond light,

So bound, the boundless, that the Shells spill out

And shaft the limits of eternal night.

(Written 15th April 1998).


Being the Lords of Cygnus.

Remember how it was before the fall:

Soft, ghostly mansions threaded on the wind,

The living colours so alive, that we

Could shape the stellar streams to random spin.

Remember all the children movement bound,

The Kings of neutron fire against the spill,

For memory of this would point the way

To future held connections from the Vel.

Three times remember ere the world breathes in,

Of folds and crevise where the depths are cold,

And eyes that watch together do declare

That gateways turn and on this time unfold.

For here we shape the images of pulse

And coil the movements from the dragon's spine,

All Shadows feathered from a single nest

Forever in reverse, forever blind.

Unseeing, timeless, does the Tag'n spin

Out echoes to eclipse the other space,

As Tamet ravenous devours her own,

The void returns reality and race.

Our Eidolon is cracked of Leda's egg

That none may touch distortions out of time,

Until the gateways are returned in birth

And Tag'n shimmers on the Spinners' Line.

In last of Rupture does all life prepare

For union of soul to fire the gate,

Lost souls unborn do scream one single chord

For turn and turn about where hangs all fate.

(Written 21st April 1998).


Being the Lords of Andromeda.

Love loses meaning if the world forgets

The perfect unity of heart with soul

Across Awakenings; now one more time

Brings pulsing that would have the Seeker whole.

Pale Death and Wyrd Beginnings in one key

Ensnared by dance that ere one evenfall

Has crossed the Ain of Taurus there is come

A thread, a quiver, that would shake them all.

From out the midnight sky the cry resounds

Above, beyond all summoning, the flame

Is swept upon a thousand voices 'till

The Eldritch come as mesh to interface.

Bound, heel to throat, the Virgin stands alone

Against the seventh stone, dark sacrifice

To hunger in momentum of the wheel,

And meaning to the worlds of form refined.

Bound, heart to head, the yielding Warrior

Takes on the serpent glance of Crystal's Eye

And finds reflected in the birth of star

Torn gate, the opportunity to die.

Bound, heart to throat, the Lovers turn within

One Swift of Second, turn upon the sky

From spiral worlds so separate, so caught,

That Fire and Water fuse one final time.

Dream on, such worlds as be do now declare

The timing of the gift of Talisman;

From southern fires revealed comes Asathoth,

The secret pivot as the Centred Heart.

(Written 27th April 1998).


Being the Lords of Gemini.

One alchemy by fire and water's course

We are, for one eternal moment snared,

As answer for the souls yet incomplete

And substance born of mindful, bidden prayer.

With pause and breath, so separate by curse,

To shape the aeons from the patterns torn

Within ourselves for some eternity,

We try to find the home we had before.

Dark and Light, the navigator's balm

Or dread, for if the helmsman is unsure

Of drift and tide, no marker can in turn

Be soulful, thoughtful, and for time endure.

Time is that hidden things be now revealed,

For broken trust ignites a funeral pyre

That would in single movement dark the sun

And bleed distinctions from a sacrifice.

Dark-wing, Bright-wing, the Dying Child no more

Alone, for in the breach of hidden Keep

Seven jewels by seven are returned

To Heaven's Queen one final time for need.

Behold the promise of Melchisadek,

For crown resumed unto its riteful place

Yields love to universal comity

And sanctions movement now through all the ways.

Behold one ancient spell, the Titans' Curse,

From dust to dust of worlds before,

One final time is ruptured, and with Truth

Yields manifest the key to secret doors . . .

As movement claims a star, So light comes to Mankind.

(Written 23rd August, 1998. End transmission).

received by Su Leybourne


This is an authorized mirror of J S Kupperman's Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.