We've Come So Far

We've Come So Far
an editorial

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition. While this issue may seem a little smaller than the last three it marks an important time for the Journal. Most of the bumps and rocks on the path have been smoothed out and our staff and regular contributors have gotten together (virtually speaking) and have moved beyond the one issue in the future planning stage. Already the next three issues have been chosen and article ideas have already been submitted (drop over to [Old URL Redacted] and learn what's happening in our future).

The Journal has gone through a number of changes since we've started. Article sizes have changed, the usual cosmetic changes, not to mention the handful of copy editors we've had. With this issue the PDF archive will also be slightly different, being set up so that those who want to print a hard copy of the JWMT may do so and see the same high quality artwork that they get on-line. In the future expect more changes for the better. We will aim for producing larger issues, with more articles, artwork and poetry for our readers to enjoy. We hope that the JWMT message board, which has been somewhat idle over the last two issues, starts to pick up, so that the Journal becomes truly interactive and that the articles which you have enjoyed can be expanded upon by the readers and by the authors.

While we have and will continue to work hard on these things, we cannot do it without you. If there is a topic you wish to see covered in a future issue of the Journal, please do e-mail us with your suggestions. If there is an article that you want to submit, do so; the Journal does not just accept work from its regular contributors. If you have something to say about any of the articles, poems or artwork, go to the message forum and start a conversation about the subject.

The Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition is produced for you, our readers. Its future lies in your hands.

-J. S. Kupperman
JWMT Publisher

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