AVR GNVZ (The Hidden Light) - Frater Ath-Cain, Matthew Dudzic

AVR GNVZ (The Hidden Light)

    Tiring of the World of Matter,
Four Prophets ascended a ladder.
    One was Tzaddi, Aleph was three;
They climbed and climbed the greatest of Trees.
    They reached the top, or so they believed,
But soon They saw that They were deceived.
    They marched up together, one and three,
And beheld a site none were to see.
    Of this they caught but a glimpse, no more!
And yet it was too much for the Four.
    The first, Tzaddi, simply could not find
What he lost in the abyss (his mind!)
    The first Aleph went out without fight;
His life was gone, stolen by Light.
    The second Aleph saw what was None,
But he called it two, instead of One.
    He wandered the earth, teaching his lore,
But duality let him learn no more.
    Only one man remained, A-L-P;
He lost his Mouth, but he was to see.
    He learned that which the others could Not,
He Turned Around and gave up his lot.
    His Mouth survived as the Mouth of All,
His words would survive beyond his fall.
    Ninety-three were gone, one third remained -
The Secret to Darkness, ELOHIM, and AIN!

by Frater Ath-Cain, Matthew Dudzic

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life

This is an authorized mirror of J S Kupperman's Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.