Invocation to ShDY AL ChY - Frater Ath-Cain, Matthew Dudzic

Invocation to ShDY AL ChY

Ascending to the pillar of Yesod
By that Holy Name beseeched unto me,
Thee, thee I invoke, O Almighty GOD,
Ageless Foundation of the Living Tree!
By the strength of Gabriel Eternal,
By Shaddai El Chai, thy Holiest name,
I cast out the Obscene Ones infernal,
I cleanse myself of all that is profane!
By my adorations of Diana,
Lady of the Moon, strong and resplendent,
By all thy mysterious arcana,
I invoke thee, thy humble attendant!
    I hear thee, my child, I hear thy rite.
    Enter, O Son, the House of Strength and Light!

by Frater Ath-Cain, Matthew Dudzic

The Kabbalistic Tree of Life

This is an authorized mirror of J S Kupperman's Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition.