N.B. This page in the archives provides submissions information, but JWMT is not currently active. However, if you'd like to submit material related to this subject matter, or soever, check out all the ways you can participate at Hermetic Library.

On submitting articles to the Main Content Editor

THE JOURNAL OF THE WESTERN MYSTERY TRADITION, published equinoctially, devotes each issue to one particular facet of the W.M.T.. The Content Editor welcomes contributions in the form of Articles which discuss the chosen topic for a given issue.

A Writer wishing to see his work published in the JOURNAL should observe the following points:

  • The JOURNAL is purely a Voluntary venture. No-one is getting paid for their trouble, least of all the Editors!
  • Articles should be written in a “scholarly” manner. That is to say, all quotes should be referenced; footnotes should be used where appropriate, and a full Bibliography included at the end. Personal opinion should be properly justified with argument. Subjectively observed material should be treated with the same kind of integrity with which a scientist treats data from his own experiments.
  • The language of the JOURNAL is English; the Writing Style should be such as would receive an “A” from a High School English Language Teacher.
  • To submit an article, first contact the Contents Editor with a detailed proposal for your piece. The Contents Editor will approve of your proposal, so long as he is satisfied that: it fits with the theme of the Issue in which it is intended to be published; it is consistent with the editorial direction of the Journal; and will generally fufill the standards expected.
  • Articles should be a minimum of 5000 words in length: 10000 is long but acceptable; but 15000 words or more is probably overdoing it.
  • The envisaged reader profile has been defined as follows:
    The target audience should be those who practice magick: 18+, literate, high school graduates.
    Familiar with Judaeo/Christian/Muslim deity but not necessarily of any particular religion. Has some kind of belief in “the Divine”.
  • Write using a 12pt font (preferably Times New Roman) and double-spaced lines.
  • The Editors will only accept files that can be read by Word 97 - preferably .doc files, though WordPerfect 6.0 (and later) files, and .rtf files are acceptable.
  • All documents sent between Contributors and Editors must be ZIPped (e.g using Winzip 7.0).
  • Please carefully observe the Deadlines. First Drafts should be ready and submitted to the Copy Editor by February 1st in the case of the Spring Issue, and August 1st for the Autumn Issue. The final NE PLUS ULTRA Deadline for publication is 1 month before the Equinox in question.
  • Finally, it is intended that THE JOURNAL OF THE WESTERN MYSTERY TRADITION should be as reliable a Journal as Academic Journals are to University staff and students. It has been suggested that the Golden Dawn Journal series is a standard by which to compare our journal, though of course we do not limit ourselves to Golden Dawn magic.

To conclude, see our main page - as this contains details on the themes of future editions. Please make all submissions to [email protected] with the subject “Main Content Editor”.

Alex Sumner
Main Content Editor

If you or someone you know would like to see their work published, email me with your submission, a short bio and copyright or credit info.

Currently we are looking for art, poetry, book reviews and short stories. Guidelines are as follows:

  • ARTWORK should be in .gif or .jpg format and in RGB mode. Images over 200 kilobytes will not be accepted, images 100 kb or smaller is preferable.
  • POETRY should be of an occult nature/subject.
  • BOOK REVIEWS on esoteric/hermetic books, use footnotes if needed.
  • SHORT STORIES should be of an occult nature. I am seeking short stories for the trial run of “Experience” a small section devoted to our readers. Subjects should be about your experiences with magick or why you became a magician.“

Submissions should be sent to [email protected] with the subject “Creative Content”.

Work of a ritual nature, including, though not limited to, ritual ruberic, results of a ritual, commentary on ritual, etc., may be submitted for publication to the Journal's Ritual Content Editor.

We ask that ritual content submitted be inline with the subject of the issue which it will appear in.

Submissions should be sent to [email protected] with the subject “Ritual Content”.

Artists, would you like to have your artwork shown in the Journal? The JWMT is happy to display your esoterically themed pieces within its pages. While submitted art does not need to relate to the topic of the issue, its chances for approval will increase if it does.

We want to use your art on our cover! The cover of every issue of the Journal will feature artwork relating to the theme of that season's Journal. If you would like to have your artwork featured on the Journal cover, for both the .html and the .pdf versions of the Journal, then please submit your art to us.

All art must be .gif or .jpg format and at 300 dpi resolution.

Please make all submissions to [email protected] with the subject of “art”.

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