as LVX23

LVX23 is the thinly-veiled pseudonym for a metaphysics agitator posing as a corporate drone, a hyperdimensional light-being posing as a barely-evolved ape, and a child of hippies posing as an adult technophile. His roots are in the woods, his feet in the sea, his heart is in the desert, and his head is in the sky flying with hawks under a burning star.

as Maldoror

He drew only one card: the number was Zero. He stepped outside to smell just one holographic Rose: it exploded, myriad fragments of fractal fragrance. Lost in amazement, he spiraled full Circle, slid into the Heart of the Labyrinth: death of all dreams, all struggle, all Matter. The chemical nuptials were celebrated on that same flawless, secret night: bright sketches of Reality shining in the dark, afterimages of meaning in the void of Being. Knowing turned into Madness, madness into Seeing. He was last seen building a raft, to cross the great Water - some murmur he's still floating, rockin' in the Real World.

as Klintron

Klint Finley is an eclectic magician based out of Laramie, WY. He has a background in chaos magic, but is currently learning the Golden Dawn system (among other things). He spends his time writing fiction, crafting his lofty blog-network as hypersigil project, and working for the man. His personal blog can be found at

as Sauceruney

Currently living a semi-normal life in suburbia, Chris Joseph hopes to someday travel back in time and make a one hell of a prank phone call to Dr. Jack Sarfatti.

as Never

What was once called michael szul was replaced at the age of eleven by a creature of unknown origins. It is rumored - but not confirmed - that he is the author of the occult web site He has been interviewed by shock rocker Alice Cooper for the radio show Nights With Alice Cooper. In his spare time… hey, wait… spare time?

as WU

Neoluddite transhumanist animistic activist, part heavy industrial, part pagan folk. Mostly fox, with a touch of spider and more than a smattering of magpie. Sleeps during the day, dreaming of thunder. Bad with pointy things and low ceilings. Rarely comes when called.

as Agent139

During one fateful year of study, while focusing on ethanol influenced Qabbalah research and early experiments in ritual music, 139 visited a recording studio in PA called the Dome. The moment he walked through the front doors and down the rabbit-hole into the underground compound, he began to formulate a plan for to mastermind personal and cultural rebirth through apocalypse (and the great parties resulting).

as Anton

Anton was brought up a devout Catholic, served as an altar boy, trained as a Eucharistic minister and performed readings at mass. But computers, role-playing games, drugs, heavy metal and comics corrupted his mind, leading to interests in the Occultism, Witchcraft and Chaos Magic. He abandoned the safe political liberalism of his parents to become an extreme anarchist, and eventually went on to become the author of many occult articles and the book Kaos Hieroglyphica: Alchemy for the New Aeon. He is also a debauched sexual deviant (bisexual cross-dresser, Sadomasochist, male veil dancer and vorarephile).Approach with extreme caution.

as Teriel

Taylor Ellwood is the author of Pop Culture Magic and Space/Time Magic, and is currently working on Inner Alchemy. He is also the non-fiction editor of Immanion Press. When he's not busy thinking up new ways to experiment with magic, or writing, he can be found with his mate Lupa. He maintains the occult resource page at, but has moved his online home to the den of the green wolf:

as Ceilede

Human beings are dynamic fractals of collected thought and preference. Our details are ephemeral - we change as they change, and believe us, everything about a human being is mutable. Know us by our words and how we make you feel rather than by our arbitrary lists of interests or ego peripherals and remember that we are constantly evolving. For more information, please visit

as Asmadai

Asmadai aka vast aka John Harrigan is a Writer, Chaote, Director, Actor and founder of FoolishPeople was founded in 1991 as the name under which John Harrigan developed and created live art, with the ultimate purpose of hacking into reality.

as Janus

Janus is an attempt to be more than just a cutup product of his social environment. He pays attention to everything, scrambles the details, and is often drunk. Born a twin at ground zero, d(ead) c(ity), he is haunted by dreams of unwelcome futures and doesn't understand why people can't get along. He is a folk journalist writing beatpop mythologies for the ultraculture underground and doesn't believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Always the bumrush fool card, his motto is “turning shit into sunshine in the 21st century.”

as Adam

Adam was born in a parallel dimension where Alan Moore was Prime Minister, Warren Ellis was the Minister for Culture, Grant Morrison was England's Poet Laureate and Robert Anton Wilson had just been elected to his second term in the White House. Trapped in this world after falling through a hole in space time given away free with a box of cereal he has decided to try to raise the consciousness of his adopted planet and bring about the utopia he left.

as Lucifer Benway

Lucifer Benway practices a personalized form of occultism culled from the garbage of postmodern American pop culture. Prone to near-fatal and largely eradicated diseases as a child, Lucifer B. received the flame Christmas Day, 1990. His current projects involve magic!al and entheogenic research, E-Prime neuro-linguistic upgrading and body modification.

as Sammuel23

I'm an experience junkie, a magician, and an artist, if there's even a difference between those things.

as Brennio

A nerd with the heart of a rock 'n roll star.

as Lupa

A wolf raised by Catholics, Lupa gave up the Church for Lent in 1998 and liked the effects of that fasting so much that she has extended it for an indeterminate time. Since then she's danced with totems, drawn, quartered and attired her extended personality, and decided that her eventual fate is to run off into the woods and never come back. She has fallen madly in love with the evil black magician, Taylor Ellwood, who by sheer mistake of using the wrong syllable is now inextricably bound to her. She is the author of Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic (June 2006) and lives online at and