Cthulhu Cult Bible Hardcover

Cthulhu Cult Bible Hardcover
by Michael Szul on 2008-05-01 13:40:49
tags: cult of cthulhu, hp lovecraft

Thanks to Lulu having a special on bulk orders, Venger Satanis has recently announced that he's decided to make a casewrapped hardcover edition of the Cthulhu Cult Bible:

“[…] identical to the paperback and PDF. i'm going to sell them myself in order to save both of us money, including shipping and handling, the price of Cthulhu Cult in hardcover will be $35 to put this in perspective, the softcover retails for about $25 (unsigned) and the limited edition black leather edition went for about $200 a year ago. The new hardcover of our bible is available only through me and will also be signed by me, High Priest Venger Satanis!!! ”

If you're interested in ordering a copy, you can contact Venger Satanis at: venger ::dot:: satanis ::at:: yahoo ::dot:: com.