Cult of Cthulhu Updates

by Venger Satanis on 2008-07-07 08:27:54
tags: cult of cthulhu, venger satanis

The updates to the Cult of Cthulhu web site are done. What has changed? The look of the main page has changed, as well as, the addition of a new area - a newsletter sign-up page, which is how people shall receive The Green Trapezoid! Yes, this quarterly e-zine will contain information on current goings-on, short essays on Cultish topics, and fun things. so please sign-up when convenient.

Lastly, my prose poem Unbearable Fruit is on the other site:… Interestingly enough, Unbearable Fruit is just as “inspired” and oppressive/difficult as the Meta-Sigil itself. I had the title as a dead link long before i began work on the poetry. In a way, this work is a piece of word magic. Not everyone will enjoy it, however. And that's perfectly fine… as it should be.

Also, a couple days ago, I started a new social network community for us. It's at

It only takes a minute to create a profile and join. Ning platforms work just like MySpace, except easier to customize, and this one has been customized for the Mythos. Also, this week there's an exclusive contest going on over at the CoCning forum. You've got to be a member of this new community to enter though. Win official membership, hardcover editions of Cthulhu Cult, and CoC pendants! More fun contests coming soon.