Esozone Conference: Call for Submissions

Esozone Conference: Call for Submissions
by Michael Szul on 2008-03-12 07:36:06
tags: esozone, portland

Speaking of Esozone, Key 64 editor-in-chief Lucifer Benway - the Esozone event director - put out a call for submissions for people who want to do workshops at this years event in October.

So here's the drill. We’ve got a good core of workshops going, and a lot of interest. I will say to the HiVE collectively what I say to anyone that inquires about doing a workshop at esoZone. Give me a write up of how you will spend an hour of everyone's time.

That said, I'm very open about what form workshops can take. So far as I'm concerned the larger number of presenters the better. However there are some rough guidelines I'd like to lay out to give people a bit of focus:

It seems besides the point to say that we expect the same level of quality from all participants as regards use of workshop time. Simply put, the time at the event is precious and it's a major letdown for all parties involved when that time is wasted. I wish we had footage of last year's workshops because they were super fucking cool.

You can read more - and leave some comments - over on the Technoccult post.