Fallen Nation Audiobook

Fallen Nation Audiobook
by Michael Szul on 2008-03-13 08:24:49
tags: fallen nation, james curcio, mythos media

You've read the reviews and you've heard the comments, but if you're still not convinced to take that linguistic trip through the psychedelic pages of Fallen Nation, author James Curcio and Alterati have laid out some stellar audiobook readings for you to listen to and wrestle with.

From the RSS feed:

Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning is an audiobook produced by the author James Curcio, featuring original music and a varied cast of voice actors for a more immersive experience. More information about Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning can be found at fallennation.mythosmedia.net.

There are 10 episodes currently, so you can get a taste of the novel before you read it. Meanwhile, we'll be dropping a small widget here on Key 64 to let you guys listen to it right off of this site.