Flobots: Fight with Tools Review

by Michael Szul on 2008-04-07 08:34:23 tags: flobots, music, rap

So I'm driving down the road listening to your stereotypical alternative rock station when they decide to play a song called Handlebars from a group named the Flobots. The first ten seconds sounded ridiculous, yet catchy; then the song broke out into rap music and I was totally mesmerized by the combination of intellectual lyrics and rock/rap beats. I was hooked.

I immediately turned on my laptop - the first chance I got - and previewed the album off of Amazon.com's MP3 Downloads. More of the same. I liked what I was hearing. I bought and downloaded the entire album.

This is powerful rap music with a meaning. It's not gansta rap. They aren't rapping about money, guns, drugs and women, or killing people (over money, guns, drugs and women). It's almost like a cross between the political rap days of Public Enemy, the thought-provoking lyrics of Mike Shinoda and the youthful enthusiasm of Gym Class Heroes.

This is an album everyone should listen to - whether you're a rap fan or not.