Help Us Fix Key 64's PageRank

Help Us Fix Key 64's PageRank
by Michael Szul on 2008-03-27 08:39:55
tags: key 23, key 64

Key 64 is content heavy. It's also optimized pretty well for search. As a result, we get a lot of traffic from search engines. In fact, roughly 42% of all traffic for Key 64 comes from search engines.

Not too long ago - last Summer, in fact - Key 64 changed its name - and domain name - from Key 23. We then set up Key 23 to redirect to Key 64. This has allowed us to continue to get great traffic, while keeping alive links from people who have linked to us and our articles.

Many of you who read this site also have blogs of your own; and many of you with blogs, link directly to this site in your blogroll. For those of you that do, I ask that you please help us out and double-check that you are now linking to Key 64 and not still linking to the old Key 23 domain. This would help us out greatly. Currently, our Google PageRank is spread out across both domains, with Key 23 having the majority of incoming links. By switch these Key 23 links over to Key 64, you'll help us improve our overall PageRank, and allow us to clean things up a bit.


Well I thought I’d put the correct link in ages ago, but I just went back and checked, and have found that I have actually been linking to all this time! Oops! I’ve corrected it now though…

by Anton on 2008-03-27 20:15:52

The links I’ve seen to old K23 content now seem to be dead. Are the archives around?

by chris23 on 2008-03-28 00:46:54

All the old Key 23 content should still be up and accessible. It should redirect automatically. It’s possible a few got mangled in the database conversion. Shoot me an email with an example and I’ll look into it.

by szul on 2008-03-28 11:51:42