James Curcio's Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning

by Michael Szul on 2008-03-05 08:20:26 tags: fallen nation, james curcio, join my cult, mythos media

How can I put this lightly? Fallen Nation is like Neil Gaiman's American Gods on an ayahuasca trip, while rocking out to the noise of Mushroomhead, with the lyrical subtext of Steely Dan. To all those that thought Curcio's Join My Cult! was good, this is James Curcio to the second power… with spicy mustard for added kick.

There has been a lot of comparisons made between James Curcio and Robert Anton Wilson, Philip K. Dick, or even a little Neil Gaiman. Throw those out the window - even my comparison above. If you're reading Fallen Nation with those comparisons in mind, you're not doing the book - nor Curcio - any justice. This is something totally new. Curcio's book is specifically meant to stimulate the missing art of storytelling and hijack the archetypes of mythology that have - for too long - been buried in your subconscious.

Curcio has stepped up his game since Join My Cult!. Fallen Nation is big on cultural warfare, but unlike the rebellious “teenage revolution” feel of Join My Cult!, Fallen Nation is the more mature sibling that knows which battles are best to fight, and goes in with a game plan rather than a grenade. This isn't to say that its tame; to the contrary, it makes it that much more powerful.

For additional information - and downloadable content - check out the book's web site.

Just ordered my copy last week! (Sorry for the lag, James). If you’re interested, you can see my past review of Join My Cult! here.

by chris23 on 2008-03-06 07:26:14

Chris’ review for Join My Cult! is also mirrored here.

by szul on 2008-03-06 12:56:37