Lives of Ilya Audiobook Podcast Episode 2

by P. Emerson Williams on 2008-09-11 08:19:01 tags: jarboe, lives of ilya, mythos media, tara vanflower, vampires

An eternity in a sweltering moment, a seclusion that can never be complete, nor entirely ended.

A knock came at the door one afternoon. She rose quickly, ever aware of her surroundings. Her kind had to be aware at all times. The room was black as night. She stilled herself quickly so that she could hear any hint of who might be knocking. She heard the rustle of nervous feet and quick breaths, but nothing more.

Lives of Ilya was written by Tara Vanflower and narrated by Jarboe. Soundtrack music by Tara Vanflower.

Episode one can be found in the gSpot #38. Episode two can be found on the Mythos Media blog.

The Lives of Ilya illustrated novel is available now from Mythos Media.