Lives of Ilya Released

by Michael Szul on 2008-06-19 13:03:37
tags: daniele serra, lives of ilya, mythos media, tara vanflower

A special edition of Tara Vanflower's Lives of Ilya has been released by Mythos Media. Illustrated by Daniele Serra, Lives of Ilya is a poetic vampire tale in words and pictures.

For most, “immortal” is just a word, a description of a concept that defies all rational explanation. Born and reborn in the era of Christ, Ilya knows all too well what “immortal” really means. Journey with her across the aeons in her truly eternal quest to find love, solace, or even simple peace with the world and the nature of what she has become.

About Tara Vanflower: In 1994, a curious Lycia fan by the name of Tara Vanflower converged with that band's creator and brought with her a mental landscape of diverse creativity that would develop and inspire both musicians. Her debut novel, Violent Violet, takes the reader on an intense journey through the experiences of a small town girl dealing with the chaotic choices that can arise when you've got strange situations happening around you on an everyday basis.

About Daniele Serra: Daniele Serra has been in the field of music for over ten years. In 1997, he released an album for Energeia (Essences' Nebulae), and in 2004, signed with the Fossil Dungeon for the project Chirleison. Enchanted by all that's obscure, Serra tries to create his art with a personal style, avoiding ink while using the pencil to obtain a flowing and less-standardized line.