Lucifer Benway, Editor-in-Chief

Lucifer Benway is an experimental occultist who spent most of his life in the spooky north lands of New England, just a stone's throw from H.P. Lovecraft's final resting place. An eclectic practitioner, he works with traditional witchcraft and cunning, Gurdjieffian self-awareness, the Enochian cosmology and the experimental sorcery of William S. Burroughs and Austin Osman Spare. A vibrant and dynamic player on the contemporary occult scene he is the organizer of the esoZone event (, a member of the Foolish People collective (, a sometimes guest editor at Technoccult (, and a frequent guest on the Occulterati podcasts ( in addition to his duties as Editor-in-Chief of Key 64. His non-occult interests include vintage bikes, hip-hop and skinhead cultures, 20th century art and literature, and criminal utopianism. He can often be found in his EsoTech lab, the Interzone or somewhere in the seedy, queer underbelly of Portland, OR.