My Mind is Melting With the Meta

by chris23 on 2008-05-15 23:46:08 tags: internet, technology

I just had a weird mind-numbing web 2.0 moment. And I know it's a totally overused buzzword but it does describe the wave of network-aware applications and services wiring up across the Web. Data is flowing like mad across the globe. We need to find, sort, collaborate and create.

So I used a great Twitter text parser called Summize. You give it a search term and it digs through all the public tweets and returns the set that includes your queery. So I searched on “singularity”. Instant zeitgeist of the common human intuition of great change ahead. kubla says: “Reject the premise, contribute to the Singularity, or gtfo.” Untulis admits that he “feels the Singularity getting closer and closer…“And resident VRML architect and hyperfuturist mpesce asks, “Question: Are we all experiencing a steady acceleration in rate of Twitter follower acquisition? Is a singularity approaching?” while qmchenry asks a friend, “talking 'bout the singularity? I'm still rooting for the brain!” You read through these people's Tweets, and you find the warm entertainment of human life. The casual mundanities and sudden philosophies you usually only get from close friends. Very odd…

But the part that blew my mind a few minutes ago is after pulling up the singularity Summize I posted to Twitter that I just Summized the Singularity, and by the very fact that I included the term “singularity” my Tweet showed up at the top of the refreshed Summize list. It had scanned its eye for “singularity” and caught my Tweet just moments after I posted. That alone is somewhat staggering when you really think about it and consider the potential distribution.

But I had just installed this AIR app called Snackr which is a transparency RSS new ticker that flows across part of your desktop. Of the 4 or 5 feeds I grab with the thing, one is my Twitter feed and another is the Summize Singularity feed, so in my Snackr transparent desktop news ticker I now have two instances of my singularity tweet, that went from my Mac out to the Twitter server, then got swept by the Summize server, then pushed to the Snackr server and down to my local client within the blink of an eye.

It's completely masturbatory and totally awesome. I am a legend in my own mind and the internet can prove it. Now I'm gonna grab the Key64 feed so I can sit back and gaze at the global syndication of my mind. You can too. Resistance is futile. Me TV.

i only understood about two thirds of that (not technology minded), but i think it’s awesome as well. singularity is one of those esoteric buzzwords that are virtually interchangeable. words such as Awakening, gnosis, godhood, enlightenment, illumination, xeper, etc.

perhaps a great singularity is coming to the world… or even to the individual consciousness of a few outsider souls? the dark Christs of tomorrow?

Venger As’Nas Satanis Cult of Cthulhu High Priest

by VengerSatanis on 2008-05-20 16:27:15