Mythos Media Redesign Launches

by Michael Szul on 2008-06-04 09:14:12
tags: fallen nation, james curcio, lives of ilya, mythos media, p emerson williams, the medicine show, tovarich pizor

Mythos Media launched its newly redesigned web site yesterday, offering a more in-depth glance at their products and philosophy - including the upcoming releases of Lives of Ilya and The Medicine Show.

As some of you might know, Mythos Media is a joint collaboration between multimedia artists P. Emerson Williams and James Curcio, editor and layout specialist Tovarich Pizor, and myself as the technical specialist. From the web site: “Mythos Media takes the ancient arts of storytelling and myth-making, and brings them to the present through modern media. We seek out the edgy and iconoclastic mavericks that exist off the beaten path, pump them full of our patented, secret super-drugs, and help them reach your eyes and ears. (We also enjoy a good fib, if it entertains or serves the plot.)”

What many of you don't know is that Mythos Media is a big reason that Key 64 is still around. Over two years ago I had to deal with a bad (both emotionally and financially) break up with a lunatic ex-fiance. Additionally, I had to deal with a potential lawsuit with my ex-landlord, and I'm currently still going through a lawsuit with an old company for which I worked. The stress was insurmountable, money was tight, and I was on the verge of shutting everything down. Mythos Media became a new light in that dank, dark tunnel, and support from Mythos Media helped me keep the wheels turning here at Key 64. In fact, Mythos Media is actually the sponsor of Key 64.

So be sure to check out the new web site, and stay up to speed on all the various things that Mythos Media is doing. Many of you have already been privy to Curcio's second novel, Fallen Nation: Babylon Burning, but just wait until you see what's coming up next.