Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts I-IV Released

Nine Inch Nails: Ghosts I-IV Released
by Michael Szul on 2008-03-04 07:40:41
tags: industrial, music, nin, nine inch nails, trent reznor

Many people were mixed about the Nine Inch Nails release Zero Hour (I, for one, still absolutely love it); but one thing you can never say about Trent Reznor is that his music - or ideas - has remained stagnant over the years. Love it or hate it, he always brings something different to the table.

After finally being free from his record label, Reznor has released his most creative concept to date: Ghosts I-IV. Ghosts I-IV is a four volume album consisting of 36 songs, with Reznor using BitTorrent to leverage the release. He has also gone one further by releasing this album under the Creative Commons license, permitting the remixing and releasing of songs. This ought to catch the eye of many experimental industrialist musicians.

Ghosts is available on the NIN web site, or as an MP3 download. Hardcore fans on the other side of the digital divide can still op to get the meatspace versions. Wired magazine explains:

If you want a physical version of the album, $10 gets you Ghosts I-IV on two CDs; $75 gets you a limited-edition package (two CDs, download code for MP3 or lossless files, 16-page booklet in deluxe digipack, 40-page PDF, data DVD with the multitrack files and a digital extras package). For a whopping $300, the true NIN superfan can pick up the “ultra-deluxe” limited-edition package (two CDs, data DVD and Blu-ray discs with multitrack files for remixing, 48-page book of photos, digital extras pack and four 180-gram records). There will only be 2,500 copies of the ultra-deluxe package released, each signed by Reznor.

I'm downloading my copy now. You should see a review on Key 64 soon.