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I am a Magus and man with many faces. This is why I appear to be many things – a Luciferian, Muslim, Voodoo Priest, etc.

The Phenomena Interview Padre Engo: New York’s Voodoo High Priest, Militant Messiah, Music Producer and Musician Dateline: Thursday, October 12, 2006

By: EDWARD O’TOOLE By: Phenomena Esotericist-at-Large

Phenomena Magazine’s Esotericist-at-large, Edward O’Toole, interviews The Last Divine Messenger and Afro-Apocalyptic Prophet, Padre Engo.Ed – Greetings. First off, how do you like to be addressed?

“In the coffin I tap once then twice. Rise from the dead, scream Jesus Christ” (Born Again Gnostic, Padre Engo)

PE – Please call me Padre Engo. This is the name that was given to me when I was initiated into the Palo Monte Mayombe faith of Cuba and Haiti. Of course, Padre means ‘Father’, and Engo is a Ki-Kongo word that means Black Panther and Jaguar, the most sacred animal of the ancient Mayans.

Ed – You’re a man of study and depth. When I first ‘encountered’ your music and your message, my first thought was that you were a Voudoun Griot but after listening to ‘Born Again Gnostic’ – one of the finest pieces of music ever written for mental preparation prior to ritual work – you showed Luciferian Gnostic tendencies; you also state that you are Moslem. Could you explain your personal belief system to us?

PE – I am a Magus and man with many faces. This is why I appear to be many things – a Luciferian, Muslim, Voodoo Priest, etc.

First let me explain my connection to the Fallen Angel Lucifer. My understanding of Lucifer is based more on how he is worshipped in Haiti, and only superficially on Gnostic European sources. In Haiti, Lucifer is a Voudo spirit. Lucifer is the militant spirit the Bantu slaves used to rebel against the white man and his evil plantation system.

In Haiti, Lucifer is called ‘Djab’, a Creole word that means ‘Devil’.

Those who work with the Devil in Haiti dress all in red and meet at the crossroads at midnight. In the Voodoo rituals where the Djab is honoured, people are given the power to shape-shift and bi-locate. Those who worship the Djab are believed to be vampires and werewolves. Those people are called Loup Garou. This is where I am coming from when I mention Lucifer in my songs. It is really all about a version of Devil worship the Western world knows very little about.

Ed – You have stated that you are the incarnation of a Mexican god. How did you discover this?

PE – Yes I am Quetzalcoatl in the flesh. I am the first and there will be other avatars of the Feathered Serpent to come after me.

Only a black man can hold this spiritual title. Also, being a Moor (a black Muslim) and an avatar of Quetzalcoatl is not a contradiction in terms. Most people have no idea as to who Quetzalcoatl really is. All the so-called New Age books on Quetzalcoatl fail to tell you who he really is. Quetzalcoatl was not a ‘White Man with a beard’. The Mexican Indians never believed such nonsense. This idea only exists in the letter Cortez wrote to the King of Spain. Quetzalcoatl is a West African god that was always viewed as a black man from the East. This has been proven by the Harvard Professor Leo Weiner.

Quetzalcoatl is the product of the Mandingo magicians that colonized Mexico long before the birth of Christ, and again in the 1300s. He was originally depicted by the ancient Mexican Indians as a black man with a beard wearing a white ‘Islamic’ robe. His white robe is why he is often called a ‘White God’.

Also, Quetzalcoatl is the same as the Egyptian god Horus, which is why he is called the Feathered Serpent. Quetzalcoatl is the Hawk-headed god Horus defeating the Serpent the Egyptians called Set.

Quetzalcoatl’s return also coincides with the new Aeon of Horus alluded to in Aleister Crowley’s Book of the Law. Quetzalcoatl is the same Being as the Book of the Law’s Ra-Hoor-Khuit – the militant black Messiah that comes and destroys with force and fire the Christian West.

I am his first avatar in this day and age of Quetzalcoatl. The picture of me as the Indian Warrior that opens is a graphic representation of Quetzalcoatl.

Ed – Do you think animal or human sacrifice is a necessary part of magic?

PE – Both animal and human sacrifice have their place within all forms of real shamanism and witchcraft. Human sacrifice comes from primeval Africa and Black Asia. It can also be found in Central and South America because ancient Egyptian and West African explorers and magicians brought it with them when they colonized the so-called New World thousands of years before the arrival of Columbus.

Blood sacrifice is really nothing but the manipulation of Life Force energy. Without Life Force energy it is not possible to cast a spell that causes change to occur on the material plane in conformity with the magician’s Will. Most Western occultists fear blood sacrifice because they really have no magical system that deals with what African blood rituals conjure up. Over the past two or three centuries, all Western magical systems have become nothing but Masonic fun and games. There is no true power in any type of Golden Dawn system of Magick. This is why Afro-Islamic spirit action that dictated the Book of the Law to Aleister Crowley demanded that Western initiates study the ‘Obeah and the Wanga’.

Ancient African and African-American traditions are based on blood rituals and spirit possession. These are types of archaic rituals that will define the New Black Medieval Era that begins in the Spring of 2012.

Ed – Your music, like your beliefs, is extremely eclectic – can you tell us how you came to acquire such a diverse range of styles and combine it to create such an original sound?

PE – My music is the result of true spiritual inspiration. Most of my songs are based on contact with Moorish angels and demons. Before I write my songs I go and pray over the witch’s cauldron, which the Palo Mayombe priests call the Nganga Judia. The Moorish ancestors and spirit guides that live down in this witch’s cauldron speak to me the way they spoke to the Priests and Prophets of old. This is how I am able to put the supernatural into each song.

Ed – Your music has been described as an alchemical process. What effect do you wish it to have on the listener?

PE – My music is designed to introduce the listener to the New Black Medieval Era that begins in 2012 which, from what I have seen in visions, is a repeat of the forgotten time when West African monarchs ruled Medieval Spain and Portugal. Also, most of my music is based on the musical styles of Medieval Spain, West African and Caribbean blends with an electronica, trip-hop and reggae feel. These are the reasons why it sounds so different to other people’s music. It really is not secular music – my music invokes that which is ancestral and sacred.

Ed – Your music, your beliefs and your lifestyle are heavily influenced by the Mayan/ Nubian Egyptian prophecy that the world – as we know it – will end on December 12th 2012. What exactly do you envisage will happen on or after that date? From what sources do you recommend for others to read so that they may arrive at the same conclusion?

PE – White people really need to prepare for 2012! According to the Lacondon Indians, an isolated Mayan tribe who genetic scientists have proven to have strong Negroid traits in their blood, in 2012 radiation from the 6th sun will cause many deaths on the Earth. People in the next 100 years may have to move underground. White people are in greater danger than anyone else. Many will die of skin cancer unless they inject melanin into the skin and merge with people of colour. This, combined with all the things White Man has done to the Earth’s atmosphere, really makes things look worse. This radiation is the Great Fire that all prophetic books claim the world will burn in at the end of time.

There is much, much more to say here. For example, soon America will no longer be the World Power. I see a civil war in the United States. The good ol’ United Fakes will break up just like Russia did. I also see someone exploding a dirty bomb in Paris but I don’t know exactly when.

There will also be a confederation of Islamic countries that will include the Middle East, parts of Asia, Europe and much of West Africa. This confederation will wage a big Holy Jihad against the Christian West. Furthermore, there will also be more natural disasters like the Tsunami, but this time they will happen in Central America and the United States

Ed – As a Moslem living in New York, how has your life changed since 9/11?

PE – In regards to being Muslim, let me say this: I am not Muslim in an ‘Orthodox’ way. My religion is Palo Mayombe and the ritual greeting for those who belong to the Palo religion is ‘Salaam Malekum’. Palo Mayombe is the shamanic religion of the black Portuguese Jews and Moslems (Moors) that ended up in Central Africa as a result of the Spanish Inquisition. It is a blend of the Black Art of Al-Andalus (Medieval Spain) and the ancient ancestral beliefs and practices of the Kongo Basin. In Palo Mayombe, we work with the dead spirits of black Jews and Moslems from Medieval Europe and Central Africa. This is why I appear to be Muslim to you. If anything, Palo Mayombe has more in common with Moorish occult sects such as Sufi and Gnawa than it does Orthodox Islam.

Ed- What would be your message to those reading this? How would you tell them to change their lives or prepare for the Apocalypse in 2012?

PE – The times that lie ahead will be marked with great dangers. This is a very serious time and whoever reads this should really listen to what I have to say.

ED – Living where I do, I should be alright then. Padre Engo, thank you for the interview.

Edward O’Toole, Slovakia, October 2006. Non Serviam

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