Rainbow Family of Living Light Attacked

by Wes Unruh on 2008-07-06 01:59:46
tags: family, gathering, rainbow

Victim Account 6 minute MP3 - Download

Fortunately there was a radio show with a contact on a cellphone who were able to cover the event as it happened. Look for the July 3rd episode, with the above victim account taken from a few minutes in during the second hour: Hour 1, Hour 2

My initial coverage: Police Fire Pepper Spray Into Crowd In Attempt To Start Riot

Here's a short video clip from the gathering while the event was happening:

I find the way the RFLL is covered in the various news articles fascinating:

Before Attack - News Coverage: ‘Om’-ing in Wyoming

Rainbow gathering inspires odd jurisprudence

Current News Reports:

400 members of Rainbow Family surround, attack federal officers\\ Forest Service officials stoned by hippie group allowed to displace Boy Scouts’ service project

ACLU plans to investigate Rainbow Family treatment

This has happened many times in the past. Here's coverage from last year's event:

On the highly acclaimed 17 years long running Jeff Davis Show, Deborah Stevens from the Three Shoes Posse Band interviews members of the Rainbow Family who were kidnapped at gunpoint, assaulted, tortured, falsely imprisoned in a chemically toxic environment, never even charged with a crime, then thrust out without shirts or shoes into a remote rural area by U.S. Federal Agents of the “National Incident Management Team” at the 2007 Rainbow Gathering in Arkansas.

Part 1

Part 2

Now it's happened again. Thankfully the Rainbow Family has video footage and new media this year, and the ACLU is looking into prosecution.

Best wishes to friends on the road…

Hello I was at the gathering when it happen. I saw the forest service all day on the 3rd of July aim there rubberbullit rapid fire mase filled rubber bullits at everyone that was in eye site. I have never seen them do this before. To me this year it seems that the Forerst Service was trying to incite a riot by there behavior. many news outlets are blaming the Rainbow family but I was there. Forest Service should be in court and sued for what they did. no event should have police act like that. it was wrong. plane and simple truth. The forest service act in the wrong and they know it.

by Flickerfeather on 2008-08-07 04:25:40