The Cult of Cthulhu

The Cult of Cthulhu
by Michael Szul on 2008-02-25 08:42:07
tags: cthulhu, cult of cthulhu, hp lovecraft

“Can you hear the discordant notes sounding in the distance, in the concave corners of space, the squirming fissures of infinity, the godlike patterns of my mind…? A purple luminescence oozes across the sky. A crimson rift ushers in the demon world. Only a few of us observe. Those of us who are awake pour our consciousness into terrible and disturbing shapes. The alchemy transforms our liquid essence… our fluid psyche into a bilious green ichor.”

Who doesn't love H. P. Lovecraft? There has never been another writer - ever - who has been able to capture pure terror through reactionary description as the master of horror himself. Lovecraft's influence is so far reaching that writers from all walks of genres - whether it be fiction, the occult works of Kenneth Grant, or the hoax-ish amalgamation of Lovecraft and Sumerian present in Simon's Necronomicon - draw on him as inspiration. In the realms of pop culture and chaos magic, Lovecraft's works have shattered the divide between traditional ceremonial magic and postmodern pop occulture.

The Cult of Cthulhu describes itself as:

“[…]a sorcerer's lodge following the Left Hand Path, the road of self advancement. Official members work with occult secrets of an alien and hostile nature. Sometimes described as Lovecraftian Satanism, the Cult of Cthulhu seeks evolution for a select fragment of humanity.”

“Anyone can be a casual member of the CoC; however, three inner degrees will take possession of startling secrets. Most people don't want understanding, they want comfort. We are not most people; members of the CoC struggle to raise their knowledge and being. As our organization grows in strength, so the individual magus will rise up to claim his divine birthright. ”

“Belief structures reality. We choose what to believe in and our beliefs influence “reality”. Our consciousness has a direct effect on the world around us. Discover the nuances of this relationship, and there are few things a sorcerer cannot do.”

Recently, Cult of Cthulhu High Priest Darrick Dishaw - who mysteriously resembles Rasputin from the Hellboy movie - asked Key 64 to mirror the Cult of Cthulhu Bible. Enjoy. Just don't sit too close to your computer screen while reading, and be sure to keep your back to the wall.