The Luciferian Society: We Have Always Been Here

The Luciferian Society: We Have Always Been Here
by VI-Chao on 2008-03-14 08:49:13
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When asked about the LucSoc (Luciferian Society), people seem to find it odd that not only are we not disciples of the work of Michael Ford, we are not Satanists by any traditional guideline. We are not a spiritual group, although we reserve the right to perform masses. We are not a magickal group, although we exist to the benefit of skilled magickians. We are not “followers of Dr. Christopher Hyatt”, although many have found his 2nd wave techniques of UnDoing and Energized Meditation invaluable. We certainly don’t worship anything, although various egregores exist to serve us. We see organized religions, especially the 3 primary viruses, as de-evolution.

To understand what we are, you must understand where we came from. The Luciferian Society was started by Mobius Frame in 2004, to “assist marginals in gaining POWER.” Lucifer/Prometheus, as described by Christopher S. Hyatt in Pacts with the Devil, was Mobius Frame's original inspiration for naming the group:

Luciferian = anti-belief, pro-empiricism, pro-action (generally).

Society: a group of people who share an interest/aim.

In 2007, I came together with Mobius Frame, who had already developed a working relationship with Bret Stalcup. Saikyoryu joined us immediately thereafter and we bonded as the core meme-bearers of the group. 183 members later and we are finally starting to summarize what we have been teaching in a more tangible form, rather than on a case by case basis.

Our purpose could be stated simply: The LucSoc exists to encourage individual evolution though the application of 3rd Wave techniques.

We subscribe to an eloquent ideoform prepared by Bret Stalcup:

1st Wave: Concerned the people and principles of the Magic/k & Myth period. The Masons, The Rosicrucians, The Golden Dawn, the OTO, The A∴ A∴, their predecessors, etc..

2nd Wave: The Hyatt/Leary/Burroughs/RAW/McKenna/etc.. wave, parallel to the Chaos Magick and Discordianism currents.

3rd Wave: The specific application of refined, effective techniques of the 1st & 2nd Waves to promote self evolution and power. FUCK LIMITATION – DESTROY IT IF YOU CAN.

The very core of our 3rd Wave movement is identified in a few, ever expanding areas we deem necessary for increased development. Echoing within each is the simple axiom: Reject what is static and stagnant – embrace the dynamic. Challenge yourself!

Our members receive access to experts in everything from Martial Arts to Law, from Research Biologists to Psychiatrists to Magickians, yes – even Judges and Politicians. Only those actively applying the below rise to our highest ranks, and at that level our collective expertise is at the disposal of the member, who is expected to act in kind (Quid Pro Quo). Think “Fight Club” without the terrorist overtones. In short, those who come to us with potential are refined into their most realistic ideal, their shortcomings obliterated and their latent talents refined. They then become prepared to accept their birthright from the perspective of accomplishment, their magick becomes focused and their ability to create their own reality is realized. To achieve this, we have recognized a general guideline:

1. You must be articulate. In other words, you must be able to communicate your points verbally and in writing, succinctly. You may have the greatest leadership skills and the most cutting edge ideas, but if you cannot communicate them in an intelligent manner, it is the same as not possessing the skill in the first place.

2. You must possess a functional understanding of leadership principles. If you do not know how to lead, you cannot possibly expect people to know how to follow you. Basic study of sociology, political science and business are good ways to foster this understanding.

3. You must develop and nurture an analytical mind. An analytical mind helps one remain reasonable and logical, even when overcome with emotional bias. Further, this mind possesses the key to separating you from your primal urges and vestigial instincts. A keen knowledge of physical emotional responses helps you not only to read others, but to understand your own internal dialogue. Emotions are indicators to pay attention to – not laws by which to live ones life.

4. You must make your body strong and healthy. Mother DNA has granted us all the ability to improve the basic strength of almost every system in our bodies. Doing so not only helps reinforce the separation of mind/body that develops through rigorous exercise, but ultimately prepares you for a more rigorous pursuit of evolution. As a side benefit, the core skills necessary to defend yourself, those you care about and your property become more powerful – and more recognizable. Your body is the most easily recognizable testament to your mastery of self-discipline.

5. You must learn to defend yourself and that which is dear to you. To lead is to be challenged. Although your methods are left to your preference, you should participate in sparring whenever possible so that you may learn to feel the damage one body can inflict upon another. This is the only way you will further evaluate the damage you can inflict upon another.

6. You must be able to quiet your thoughts. A daily practice of meditation is essential for the development of your inner eye, which is the key that will open every portal you encounter. We recommend a course of study beginning with the Mahasatipatthana Sutta. Liber MMM by Peter Carroll is another valued course of study.

7. Your magick must be effective and results oriented. Dogmatic and spiritual methods negatively impact your ability to remain autonomous. Paradigms which require you to barter with entities should be avoided at all costs.

8. Your mind must remain free from Dogmatic attachment. Acts of “faith”, while acts of genuine risk, seldom play to your advantage outside of religious tracts. The belief in a power greater than one’s self serves to limit the potential of the individual to a set of fictitious constructs completely outside the control of the individual. The only limitation, be it physical, mental or emotional comes from Mother DNA Herself. Your mind must remain open so that you can realize any other limitation is SELF-IMPOSED.

9. You must absorb your legacy. Although it is not necessary to have an intimate relationship with 2nd wave materials, a broad understanding of the works of the 2nd wave will provide a theoretical groundwork for your personal 3rd wave application. Where they provide techniques in theory, we have refined and combined them in practice.

10. You must develop the skill to multitask. This skill is crucial to advancement. It is also good to learn to turn one eye inward, and one eye outward when operating on any level.

11. You must develop a variety of skills. Any one of which could facilitate your survival or increase your value to a service based community. Your skills are the currency beyond currency.

12. You must remain educated about the world around you. The study of newspapers and periodicals of a national and international variety will help you understand the various factors in play around you politically, economically and developmentally. Blogs and other on-line resources are also important for this purpose.

13. You must appreciate the creativity and creation around you. A taste for aesthetically pleasing pastimes such as music and the arts, and a developed sense of humor is critical. Intellectuals often chose comedy as a medium for communication of ideas not-grasped by the general populace, but overlooked because of the humorous context.

14. You must figuratively pay for your own ticket. Members should have careers that afford them some luxuries, LucSoc meets and parties. We do not provide charity to our members except under the most horrible circumstances.

15. Finally, as has been implied, bow down to no god or man.

These tenets will remain fluid and changing as changing times demand. The 3rd Wave is a dynamic culture, ever changing to adapt to the current landscape.

If what I have said has resonance within you, visit us at: Or feel free to email VI-Chao at vi-chao ::at:: cox ::dot:: net

A practitioner of chaos magick for nearly 20 years, VI-Chao has been a member of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT) since 1999. As a leader of the Luciferian Society he promotes the rigorous practice of undoing and overcoming anathematic obstacles as a path to liberation. His blog may be found at