The Zen of Rick Astley

The Zen of Rick Astley
by Michael Szul on 2008-04-04 14:33:57
tags: rick astley, rick rolled

Damn near the whole world was Rick-Rolled on April 1st because of YouTube and countless other web sites. Even Key 64 was Rick-Rolled thanks to Chris Arkenberg.

What is it about Rick Astley that makes his “Roll” the zen sword of punking someone. I mean, he looks like Anthony Michael Hall from the Brat Pack and those movies weren't even half as super-cool as John Cusack's 80's gems. But let's not forget that Anthony Michael Hall gets nerd cool cred for scoring Molly Ringwold's panties. Also, Hall grew up to become Johnny Smith from the Dead Zone, so you can't really knock him at all. Can you?

Astley also pulls off the skinny-white-boy-in-the-oversized-trenchcoat look. You try doing that. You can't He's the envy of Goths and Dungeons & Dragons players everywhere.

Face it. Astley owns the awkard white boy tai chi side-to-side dance steps. Watch that video and tell me he's hasn't adapted some pseudo-martial art dance form. His honkey style is so funky he's got the black bartender doing high kicks and soul dancing. Even Vanilla Ice couldn't touch him.

So don't bitch and moan. You might cry foul about being Rick Rolled on the outside, but inside, you're trying to memorize that honkey cool flavor.