Want to Write for Key 64?

Want to Write for Key 64? by Michael Szul on 2008-03-20 07:51:44 tags: key 64, writing

As many of you well know, Key 64 is back onto a rolling submission process. We're now running articles as we receive them rather than on a bi-monthly “issue” basis. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in traffic, and a better overall flow to the site.

Despite the new process, this does not mean that submissions have changed. As you might have noticed, we've been incrementally releasing original submitted content over the past month. This means that Key 64 still accepts and encourages submissions.

So if you want to write for Key 64, get to it. You can send your submissions to nick ::at:: key64 ::dot:: net or michael ::at:: key64 ::dot:: net. We're looking for topics ranging from counterculture, the occult and fringe culture to high/experimental science, psychedelia and political criticism - basically, all the cool stuff.