Wes Unruh: The Wu Fox Attacks

Wes Unruh: The Wu Fox Attacks
by Michael Szul on 2008-03-21 09:22:42
tags: edward wilson, memes, memetics, wes unruh

Part fox. Part werewolf. 100% zen. Wes Unruh - one of the co-founders of the original Key 23 - has been dropping gems on the Internet for a very long time. From his mutans blog, to his Philip K. Nixon sonic assault, to his adoptee journal, and all the way to his work on Key 64 and Alterati, Wes has been infecting the underground with a unique style and mindset that just has to be heard.

Recently, Wes - and co-author Edward Wilson - have been hard at work on a book on memetics, which is looking at an April/May release date. Wes has always been a good friend of ours, so you can be sure that'll we'll keep you up to date on the books release and any other information that might come down the pipeline.

In the meantime, if you're feeling generous, you can always donate to Wes' honeymoon fund. I'm sure he'll appreciate it.