What Has Chris Arkenberg Been Up To?

What Has Chris Arkenberg Been Up To?
by Michael Szul on 2008-02-29 08:48:17
tags: chris arkenberg, generation hex, lvx23, music

Many of you might be wondering what's been up with Key 64 contributor and founder Chris Arkenberg (LVX23), who's been decidedly quiet in the online occult circles for a while.

In addition to a two week trip to Tokyo, Chris has been working hard on the music side of life, finishing up his remix project 2007 R3MIXTUR3S over at n8ur (check out the Peter Gabriel Shock the Monkey remix). In addition, you can scope out his portal at U R Being Recorded, complete with Tumblr, LinkedIn and Twitter links. This is also the home of his new weblog. But if you're looking for some haterade, head over to his other blog - A Journal of Fine Hatery - for some stern words on things that suck.

Of course, for those of you still looking to read up on his occult thoughts, be sure to check out his “love/hate” relationship with FOX in Generation Hex, if you haven't already.


Thanks for the nod, Michael. I’m still lurking around. I’ve found my focus has shifted a bit towards the tech side of this thing we call life. Practical magic, if you will. I’m sure it will all come back around to the Great Work in time, as it always does. Cheers!

by chris23 on 2008-03-06 07:21:09