Where Were You During Esozone?

Where Were You During Esozone?
by Michael Szul on 2008-03-11 09:18:31
tags: esozone, portland

In August of 2007, Technoccult's Klint Finley, Key 64 editor-in-chief Lucifer Benway and artist Danny Chaoflux got together to bring you the world's first designer reality expo in Portland, Oregon. Rumor has it that Esozone was the best thing since bakers learned to glue sesame seeds onto bagels. It was just that good.

This year, the team is looking to do an Esozone redux in October, and there are too many reasons for you to be there to count. Want proof? Justin Hager gave his account of Esozone here; and don't forget to check out the Esozone 2007 archives for photos, videos and a whole slew of other media. Hell, they even have a Flickr tag set for the event.

Why is this event so important? Because too many of us spend our time rallied around a pixelated view of the world. It's time to get out from behind that computer screen and drink beer with the fellas in meatspace. In person, you don't have to worry about five second Googlers. You can call bullshit on somebody in person and they can't go running to their search engines to try to shoot you down. These people don't show up to Esozone like they might show up to web sites. Esozone is laid back. It's fun. It's about life. It's about magic. What more could you want?

Need more convincing? Check out the Oregonian video coverage:


I love how this video opens. This is Lucifer Benway. Lucifer says he's into some weird things.

by szul on 2008-03-11 13:13:17