Xi O Teaz

Xi O Teaz
by Agape on 2008-04-20 07:33:18
tags: 4/20

Happy 4/20, may you all have a WonderFull day, and not forget to honor the Goddess Mary Jane. To those of you with no physical Sacrement, I hereby submit the following tried and True Tools for Invoking this Queen of the Allies:

The first is a Mantra which has been quite well Charged by many–including my selves–for use in Invoking Mother Mary when you have no physical sacrament:

“I'm in Love with Mary Jane”

and Imagine drawing sweet Mary's (energy) from your favorite reservoir–e.g., sucking up past/future exhalations of said sacrament, accessing the “High Times” Egregore/Godform, at 4:20 (it's 4:20 somewhere), or you could Imagine yourself atOne with the big green cloud of pot smoke and patchouli that perpetually floats above such great pacific northwest cities as Eugene, Oregon.

Listening to Hawaiian music, Snoop Dogg, Reggae, Tom Petty, George Clinton, and countless other personal choices depending upon you're neuro-associative connections with Mary can also act as an excellent way to commune(icate) with Her.

Certain albums–e.g., “Half-Baked” soundtrack–are actually quite useful for the Devotional Worship of this elder of the Plant Allies.

An NLP pattern of Invoking sweet Cheeba is to essentially go through the motions of your normal routine when smoking. Results seem to be just as effective, even without the actual physical lighter, pipe, etc. By “astrally smoking out”, Mary can often be Invoked. Intensity of sensory replication can strongly affect the Results. In particular, the changes in Breathing should be replicated exactly–which often includes reaching the lung's maximum, holding the inhalation as long as possible, and possibly coughing the exhalation.

Another way to Invoke Jah would include a small “rite” I developed years back that I've shared with any who'd wish to access this morphic field. It's a more symbolic version of the NLP pattern mentioned above. I use my Left Hand to focus on, even though Invoking via the Inhalations is the primary channel through which I also simultaneously focus on. Basically, I'm seated with my Left elbow near my hip, with my forearm bringing my Left Hand in the middle of my lower field of vision (wherever's comfortable). I start with a closed fist–palm-side facing my face–and then I Inhale very forcefully to the lungs' maximum, timing the unfurling of my thumb to my Inhalation. I then hold it for as long as desired (generally, the longer the better), and then a cough begins the exhalation (which is the “resting” part of each cycle). I then repeat 4 more times, for a total of 5 Inhalations. These 5 digits represent the 5 leaves commonly found in representations of Marijuana. I then do 5 more Inhalations, “burning” the Sacred Leaves (represented by the digits of the Left Hand), thumb to pinkie as before. when the last one is gone and you don't have any more to smoke, you can smoke the Bud you have in your closed fist. I end the pranayama session by having the Left Hand/Arm sorta fade away on the last Inhalation, inJoying that last one… We've found that doing the 10 Inhalation/Cough breaths back to back with no extra Breaths gives exceptional Results.