About Beth Kimbell

Sister Hattie Quinn (Sr. BTH SHMSH) has been an O.T.O. initiate since Anno IVix. She has held many local positions over the years, including her favorites: Deputy Master, Newsletter Editor, Seneschal, Hospitality Committee Chair, and Education Committee Chair. She began her O.T.O. life in Cambridge, then Salem, MA, where she worked and played for eleven years. She then spent a blissful and much too short sixteen months in Portland, OR. After a brief working hermitage in Raleigh, NC, she embarked on a magnificent Ernest Hemingway writing-train-adventure through the US, and has made a new home in Fort Worth, TX, where she continues to enjoy incubating as an author and working as a paralegal, while living in the wildwood with her Lord Satyr and their menagerie.

She is a member of Knights Templar Oasis, in Salem, MA, Sekhet-Maat Lodge in Portland, OR, and Bubastis Oasis in Dallas, as well as a member of Psyche-Eros Chapter in Oregon and Baphomet Chapter in Texas.

She serves as Secretary and Kaaba Liaison for the Committee for the Advancement of Thelemic Families and Speaker on the Kaaba Colloquium Committee. She joined the Electoral College in Anno IVxviii, and serves as College Parliamentarian, Kaaba Committee Liaison, and Mentor Secretary.

In her spare time, she practices magic; wishes she could play video and table-top games; is learning to play the guitar; advocates for sexual freedom; plans and caters events and listens to audiobooks. She spends most of her “down time” reading, researching, and writing. She has published an erotica piece in the anthology From the Four-Chambered Heart: In Tribute to Anais Nin, a personally disturbing short story in Near Kin: A Collection of Words and Art Inspired by Octavia E. Butler, and an anti hero story in the upcoming Rubicon: Words and Art Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis.

Her Latin motto is ‘Superius Exemplar Semper Praebeo‘, colloquially meaning ‘I always raise the bar’, reflecting her relentless drive to improvement. She likes things “Just-So” and idolizes Benjamin Franklin. Email her at hattie@blackpullet.com.