Hello world!

I hope to begin blogging this weekend, officially. For years now I have had a vague desire rolling around in the back of my consiousness to keep a blog, but always faced the eternal question: what do I blog about?

Julie Powell (Julie/Julia Project had the strange idea to make everything from Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child, in some weird attempt to learn to cook or to find herself or to fill her time post-911 when she was working for a company providing support to 911 families. I am sure she was in need of something. Her husband (Eric?), had the ingenious idea that she should blog about the experience, and I was left thinking that I wished I had thought of that, like my mom and pickle stackers.

I realized recently that I never write about what I am doing in my FB or LJ, because I am not sure that these things are truly interesting to my friends. Do my coworkers really want to hear about my OTO work? Do OTOers want to hear about my security training? Who wants to hear about what I am writing and researching? I do not know. I need a different venue for these things.

This blog will be where I write about my Work. Security and safety (my work) will have to find a different venue. See you soon.