Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Wordsmith.org’s Word.A.Day email previously featured this word in the week with the theme, “People who have more than one word coined after them”.

Wordsmith.org gave the following meanings:

1. Airtight.
2. Not affected by outside influence.
3. Relating to the occult sciences, especially alchemy; magical.
4. Obscure or hard to understand.

I am on Hermetic.com and part of the Hrmtc Underground… does that mean I am Hermetic?

1. I am not airtight; I am semipermeable, as are we all. Yay, skin!

2. I am affected by outside influences, no matter how I wish not to be, sometimes. But then, if I were not, that would make me unchanging. This would be a mistake, especially for me. Creatures require change and growth and as a Gemini I require it constantly. To change without outside influence would be either arbitrary or uninformed, and not worthy of the effort in my opinion.

3. I do relate to the occult sciences 🙂 I am magical. Not only do I participate in the basics, invoke in the morning, banish at night, but I often embark on lengthy working to accomplish life goals, material, psychological, and spiritual. I am in the middle of one now, which I will tell you about when I am finished.

You know the hardest thing about workings? Dedication to the repetition. You must fulfill your intent every day without stopping… when you don’t feel well, or you are staying with friends in Atlanta, or you were up until 4am. You still have to do the work. People often get discouraged and stop because they missed a day. Don’t stop. Just keep going and add more time to the end. Magicians persevere.

Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming…

4. I can be 🙂

Love is the law, love under will.