Transcending Boundaries

This past weekend I had the honor to speak at the Transcending Boundaries Conference ( on Aleister Crowley and the Abolition of Boundaries. What a pleasure it was to share his story and a bit of his method with people not normally exposed to him; to outline his role in the sexual liberation movement as I see it. My attendees were thoughtful and laughed at all the right places 🙂

Attending TBC was a privilege in its own right. Normally when I speak to a group, I am speaking to a single community, come together for one purpose… finding and doing our Wills. Here, however, I was surrounded by many different communities come together for a common purpose, to transcend the boundaries arbitrarily or even backwardly imposed on us by society.

Whether you were gay, straight, bi, transitioning, cross dressing, pansexual, vanilla, kinky (in any of its flavors), or fluid (a new term I discovered), there was acceptance, support, and a class or panel of interest.

What impressed me the most was the attitude reflected in every panel, class, and speech I saw… that we are all in this together. That there is no us and them, we are one. As the keynote speaker, Lee Harrington, indicated we are a web of complex ecosystems; but we are a web and I say that web is the universe we live in and share in the manifestation thereof.

This is a newer attitude for these communities from what I can tell. They used to be about what they could get for their agenda and group, even if they had to throw someone else’s under the bus, and I can understand that. As the Founding Fathers let slavery continue to get the votes of the South for Independence; as the black movement left behind women’s suffrage; as homosexuals and lesbians left behind the bisexuals… we are all guilty of it. But there is a trend, perhaps even a movement within all these others, to lift each other up in Pride, to recognize the plight of the other in their own and that to me is Beauty. They are realizing the Truth of Universal Brotherhood and it was inspiring to see.

I am proud to be part of this burgeoning movement, but also to be part of a church that has its foundations in these very principles. Peace, tolerance, and truth, my brethren, this is where we find the Soul of the Universe.