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MS chapter 1, page 19 - AL (Liber Legis)

  Ch. I, pg. 19

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My number is 11, as all their numbers

(Lost 1 phrase)

who are of us. ^ My colour is black to the

The Five Pointed Star, with a,
Circle in the Middle, & the circle is Red

The shape of my star is –

blind, but the blue & gold are seen of the 
seeing. Also I have a secret glory for 
them that love me. 
But to love me is better than all things: if 
under the night-stars in the desert thou 
presently burnest mine incense before me 
invoking me with a pure heart and the 
Serpent flame therein, thou shalt come 
a little to lie in my bosom. For one kiss 
wilt thou then be willing to give all:





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