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Aleister Crowley » Libers » Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae sub figurâ VI

Liber O vel Manus et Sagittae sub figurâ VI

1. Earth: the god Set fighting.
2. Air: The god Shu supporting the sky.
3. Water: the goddess Auramoth.
4. Fire: the goddess Thoum-aesh-neith.
5, 6. Spirit: the rending and closing of the veil.

7-10. The L V X signs.
7. + Osiris slain — the cross.
8. L Isis mourning — the Svastica.
9. V Typhon — the Trident.
10. X Osiris risen — the Pentagram.

These are arranged as ten panels:


These are all halftone photos of a single human in a black Tau robe, barefoot with hood completely closed over the face. The hood displays a six-pointed figure on the forehead — presumably the radiant eye of Horus of the A∴ A∴, but the rendition is too poor in detail. There is a cross pendant over the heart. The ten panels are numbered in white in the upper left, but the numerals are very dim even in the 1st edition (some blurred out entirely in the Weiser edition).

The panels are identified by two columns of numbered captions, 1 to 6 to the left and 7 to 10 to the right. The description is bottom to top and left to right:

“1. Earth: the god Set fighting.” Frontal figure. Rt. foot pointed to the fore and angled slightly outward with weight on ball of foot. Lf. heel touching Rt. heel and foot pointed left. Arms form a diagonal with body, right above head and in line with left at waist height. Hands palmer and open with fingers outstretched and together. Head erect.

“2. Air: The god Shu supporting the sky.” Frontal. Heels together and slightly angled apart to the front, flat on floor. Head down. Arms angled up on either side of head about head 1.5 ft. from head to wrist and crooked as if supporting a ceiling just at head height with the finger tips. The palms face upward and the backs of the hands away from the head. Thumbs closed to side of palms. Fingers straight and together.

“3. Water: the goddess Auramoth.” Same body and foot position as #2, but head erect. Arms are brought down over the chest so that the thumbs touch above the heart and the backs of the hands are to the front. The fingers meet below the heart, forming between thumbs and fingers the descending triangle of water.

“4. Fire: the goddess Thoum-aesh-neith.” Frontal. Head and body like #3. Arms are angled so that the thumbs meet in a line over the brow. Palmer side facing. Fingers meet above head, forming between thumbs and fingers the ascending triangle of fire.

“5,6. Spirit: the rending and closing of the veil.” Head erect in both. #5 has the same body posture as #1, except that the left and right feet are countercharged and flat on the floor. Arms and hands are crooked forward at shoulder level such that the hands appear to be clawing open a split veil — hands have progressed to a point that the forearms are invisible, being directly pointed at the front. Upper arms are flat and horizontal in the plain of the image. #6. has the same body posture as #1, feet in same position as #1 but flat to the floor. The arms are elbow down against abdomen, with hands forward over heart in claws such that the knuckles are touching. Passing from #5 to #6 or vice versa is done by motion of shoulders and rotation of wrists. This is different from the other sign of opening the veil, the Sign of the Enterer, with is done with hands flat palm to palm and then spread without rotation of wrists.

“7-10. The L V X signs.”

“7. + Osiris slain — the cross.” Body and feet as in #2. Head bowed. Arms directly horizontal from the shoulders in the plane of the image. Hands with fingers together, thumbs to side of palm and palmer side forward. The tau shape of the robe dominates the image.

“8. L Isis mourning — the Svastica.” The body is in semi-profile, head down slightly and facing right of photograph. The arms, hands, legs and feet are positioned to define a swastika. Left foot flat, carrying weight and angled toward the right of the photo. Right foot toe down behind the figure to the left in the photo. Right upper arm due left in photo and forearm vertical with fingers closed and pointing upward. Left arm smoothly canted down to the right of photo, with fingers closed and pointed down.

“9. V Typhon — the Trident.” Figure frontal and standing on tip toe, toes forward and heals not touching. Head back. Arms angled in a “V” with the body to the top and outward in the plain of the photo. Fingers and thumbs as #7, but continuing the lines of the arms.

“10. X Osiris risen — the Pentagram.” Body and feet as in #7. Head directly frontal and level. Arms crossed over heart, right over left with hands extended, fingers closed and thumb on side such that the palms rest on the two opposite shoulders.}