Differences Between the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America and Infinite Wisdom

The work Infinite Wisdom is now published as Unto Thee I Grant. The readings in the H.K. that diverge from Unto Thee I Grant follow Infinite Wisdom. In two instances the H.K. diverges from both. In the first instance, “Enough of evil is alotted unto man; but he maketh it more while he lamenteth it”, is left out of Chapter Forty-four verse ten. In verse nineteen of the same Chapter “Who remembereth himself in joy” becomes “Who remebereth themselves as a boy.” Here is one more instance where Drew Ali's change improves the original.

Chapters Nineteen to Forty-four of the H.K. are found in pages nineteen to sixty-three of Unto Thee I Grant and pages twenty-seven to one hundred and two of Infinite Wisdom.