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Basic Enochian Papers

  * (See also the [[enochian.htm|Enochian Magick Reference]] and [[pdf/calls2.pdf|The Enochian Calls]] in the "featured papers" section.)\\
  * [[astro_charts.htm|Astrological charts]] of John Dee and Edward Kelly. For the curious astrologer.\\
  * [[papers/godzill1.html|Godzilla Meets E.T., Part I\\
]]Drafts of sections from a contemplated book, expanding the //Enochian Temples// work into something resembling a full system of magick. This portion contains general discussion of the Enochian magick, the use of the Calls, and analysis of the Calls.\\
  * [[papers/godzill2.html|Godzilla Meets E.T., Part II\\
]]Discussion of the Elemental Tablets and the ranks of beings contained in them. Examination of their natures and relationships, and a detailed presentation of a new system of attributes. Contains some text and illustrations missing from previously published versions.\\
  * [[papers/firstkey.html|Analysis of the First Enochian Key\\
]]An older and somewhat different version of some material in //Godzilla Meets E.T., Part I\\
  * [[papers/keytwo.html|Experiments with the Second Enochian Key\\
]]Description of experiments aimed at determining the proper use of the Second Key\\
  * [[papers/zodiacal.htm|The Zodiacal Round\\
]]A series of "channeled" verses depicting the creative cycle embodied in the Names of God in the Great Table.\\
  * [[papers/lesserangels.htm|The Lesser Angle Angels\\
]]A discussion of these beings from the Enochian-l mailing list.\\
  * [[papers/godnames.htm|The God-Names and Angels of the Lesser Angles\\
]]More detailed discussion of these beings and their natures.\\
  * [[papers/enochianinitiatoryworkings.htm|Enochian Initiatory Workings\\
]]Brief outline of the use of the Enochian magick for self-initiation.\\
  * [[papers/hexrit.html|A Modified Hexagram Ritual for Enochian Workings\\
  * [[papers/charging.htm|Charging a Tablet\\
]]Basic instructions for energizing the Great Table or the individual Tablets as talismans.\\
  * [[papers/endic.txt|Enochian Dictionary\\
]]A text dump of my Enochian database, listing all the words of the Calls, all Heptarchic and Enochian divine names, and words from many other sources (Crowley, Laycock, etc.). Includes gematria values in four systems and source annotations.


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