The Invocation

O thou great, blessed and glorious Angel of God (N), who rulest and is the chief governing Angel in the (number) Chora or Altitude. I am the servant of the Highest, the same your God ADONAIJ, HELOMI, AND PINE,1 whom you do obey, and is your distributor and disposer of all things both in heaven earth and hell, do invocate, conjure and entreat you (N) that thou forthwith appear in the virtue and power of the same God, ADONAIJ, HELOMI AND PINE; and I do command thee by him whom ye do obey, and is set over you as King in the divine power of God, that you forthwith descend from thy orders or place of abode to come unto me, and show thyself visibly here before me in this crystal stone, in thy own proper shape and glory, speaking with a voice intelligible to my understanding.

O thou mighty and powerful Angel (N), who art by the power of God ordained to govern all animals, vegetables and minerals, and to cause them and all creatures of God to spring increase and bring forth according to their kinds and natures: I, the servant of the Most High God whom you obey, do entreat and humbly beseech thee to come from your celestial mansion, and shew unto me all things I shall desire of you, so far as in office you may or can or is capable to perform, if God permit to the same.

O thou servant of mercy (N), I do humbly entreat and beseech thee by these holy and blessed names of your God ADONAIJ, HELLOMI, PINE;

And I do also constrain you in and by this powerful name ANABONA, that you forthwith appear visibly and plainly in your own proper shape and glory in and through this crystal stone, that I may visibly see you, and audibly hear you speak unto me, and that I may have thy blessed and glorious angelic assistance, familiar friend- ship and constant society, community and instruction, both now and at all times, to inform and rightly instruct me in my ignorance and depraved intellect, judgement and understanding, and to assist me both herein and in all other truths also, through the Almighty ADONAIJ, King of Kings, the giver of all good gifts that his bountiful and fatherly mercy be graciously pleased to bestow upon me.

Therefore, O thou blessed Angel (N), be friendly unto me, so far as God shall give you power and presence, to appear, that I may sing with his holy Angels.

O Mappa Laman, Hallelujah. Amen.

When he appears, give him or them kind entertainment; and then ask what is just and lawful, and that which is proper and suitable to his office. And you shall obtain it.