The Conjuration:

O thou Mighty & potent Angel Samael, who rulest the first hour of the day, I the servant of the most high God, do Conjure & instruct thee in the name of the most high omnipotent & immortal God of Hosts Jehovah |*| Tetragrammaton & by the name & in the name of that God that you owe obediency to, & by the head of your Hierarchy & by the seal of mark you are known in power by, & by the 7 Angels that stands before the Throne of God, & by the 7 Planets & their seals & characters & by the Angel that ruleth the sign of the 12th. house which now ascends in thy first hour, that you would be so graciously pleased to gird up yourself together & by divine permission to move & come from all parts of the world wheresoever you be & show thyself visibly & plainly in this crystal stone to the light of mine eyes, speaking with a voice intelligible & to my understanding, & that you would be favorably pleased that I may have thy familiar friendship & constant society both now and at all times when I shall call thee forth to visible appearance, to inform & direct me in all things that shall seem good & lawful unto the Creator & thee, O thou great & powerful Angel Samael I invocate Adjure Command & most powerfully call you forth from your orders & places of residence to visible appearance in & through these great & mighty incomprehensible Signall & divine name of the great God who wast, is & ever shall be, Adonay Zebaoth, Adonay Amioram, Hagios Aglaon Tetragrammaton & by & in the name Primeumaton which commandeth the whole host of heaven, whose power & virtue is most Effectual for the calling you forth & command you to transmit your rays perfectly to my sight & voice to my ears, in & through this Celestial Stone, that I may plainly see you & perfectly hear you speak unto me, therefore move O thou mighty & blessed Angel Samael, & by his present name of the great God Jehovah, & by the Imperial Dignity thereof, descend & show your self visibly & perfectly in a pleasant & comely form before me in this Crystal Stone to the sight of mine eyes, speaking with a voice intelligible to apprehension, declaring & accomplishing all my desires that I shall ask or require of you, both herein & whatsoever truth or thing also that is just & lawful before the presence of Almighty God the Giver of all good gifts, unto whom I beg that he would be graciously pleased to bestow upon me, O thou servant of mercy Samael, be thou therefore friendly unto me & do for me, as the servant of the most high God, so far as God shall give you power to perform, whereunto I move you both in power & presence to appear, that I may sing with thee his holy Angel O-Napa-ta-man halle-le-la-jah, Amen.

But before you call any of the Dukes, you are to Invocate the Chief governing Angel that governs the hour of the day or night, as followeth: “O thou mighty & potent Angel Samael, who by the decree of the most high King of Glory, Ruler & governor of this first hour of the day, I, the servant of the Highest, do desire & intreat you in & by these 3 great & potent names of God: Agla On Tetragrammaton, & by the power & virtue thereof, to assist & help me in my affaires & by your power & authority to send & cause to come & appear unto me, all or any of those Angels that I shall call by name that are residing under your government, to instruct, help aid and assist in all such matters or things according to their office as I shall desire or request of him or them & that they may do for me as for the servant of the Highest, Amen.”

Then begin as followeth: “Thou mighty & potent Angel Ameniel, who is the first & principal Duke ruling by divine pearission under the great & potent Angel Samael, who is the first great & mighty Angel ruling the first hour of the day, (I) the servant of the most high God do conjure & invocate thee in the name of the most Omnipotent & immortal Lord God of Hosts Jehovah |*|” … so on as before, at this mark |*| in the conjuration of Samael (as aforesaid), and when the Spirit is come, bid him welcome, then ask your desire & when you have done, dismiss him according to the order of dismissing.