The Prayer

“O thou great & blessed N my Angel Guardian, vouchsafe to descend from thy Holy mansion which is Celestial with thy holy influence & presence into this Crystal Stone, that I may behold thy glory & enjoy thy society, Aid & Assistance both now & forever hereafter, O thou that art higher than the 4th. heaven & knowest the secrets of Elanel, thou that rid- est upon the wings of the wind & art mighty & potent in thy Celestial & supersublunary motion, do thou descend & be present I pray thee, I humbly desire & Intreat thee that if ever I have merited thy society or if any of my actions or intentions be real & pure & sanctified before thee, bring thy external presence hither & converse with me, one of thy submissive pupils, in & by the name of the great God Jehovah, whereunto the whole choir of heaven sings continually O Alappa-la-man Hallelujah, Amen.”

When you have said this prayer over several times, as occasion serveth, you will

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