The Second part of this Book of Solomon of the Art of Pauline, is as followeth:

This second part contains the Mystical names of the Angels of the Signs in general & also the Angels of every degree of the signs in general, which is called the Angels of men, because that in some one of these signs & degrees every man is born in, therefore he that knows the minutes of his birth, he may know the name of the Angel that governs him, & thereby he may attain to All Arts & Sciences yea, to all the wisdom & knowledge that any mortal man can desire in this world. But note this, that these Angels that are attributed to the fire hath more knowledge therein than any other, and those of the water hath more knowledge therein than any other, and also those of the earth hath knowledge therein than any other, and likewise those of the air. And to know which belongs to the fire, earth, air & water, observe the nature of the signs & you cannot err, for those that is attributed Aries is of the same nature Fiery, & so the like in the rest, but if any planet be in that degree that ascends, then that Angel is of the nature of the sign & planet both, & observe the following method & you cannot but obtain your desire &c.

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