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Featured Papers

Enochian Magick Reference (v. 0.8)

A detailed sequential summary of the entire course of Dee's “Angelic” operations, covering both the Heptarchic and Enochian portions of the work. Descriptions and illustrations of all the major elements of the magicks, bibliography of manuscripts and published materials. (PDF version is v. 1.0) pdficonsmall.gif (947 bytes)

pdficonsmall.gif (947 bytes) The Enochian Calls

The Calls formatted according to the original instructions of the angels, with Angelic characters, English transliteration, and English translation for each line. Text is sized to be easily readable at arm's length, suitable for use in ritual. The current version still needs a little bit of aesthetic tweaking, but is completely usable.

Christeos Pir's **//Guide to Enochian Pronunciation//**

A survey of existent systems for pronouncing the Enochian Calls, with a readable phonetic rendering of the Calls that follows Dee's notes as closely as possible.

{{:images/pdficonsmall.gif?22x24}}Angelmas: An Enochian Sacrament

A mass by Michael Sanborn and the Enochian Liturgy Group of Thelema Lodge, O.T.O., incorporating prayers and operations from the angelic diaries of John Dee, and a eucharistic rite modeled on elements from the Book of Common Prayer used in Dee's time.  

A Short Course in Scrying

Clear, no-bull instructions for creating a “magickal space” and using it for scrying. With discussion of important related issues, including specifics of use for Enochian magick. pdficonsmall.gif (947 bytes)

Crystal Vision Through Crystal Gazing

Frater Achad's classic monograph on crystal gazing and higher forms of spiritual vision. pdficonsmall.gif (947 bytes)

The Essential Skills of Magick

Brief discussion of the three essential skills, and a version of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram showing how they are used in ritual. For relative beginners in magick. pdficonsmall.gif (947 bytes)



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