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Touring the Earth Tablet
The “Earthy” subsection of the Earthworks project. A systematic exploration of the “Kerubic” squares and angels of the Tablet of Earth, using the Golden Dawn “pyramid” method. (To be posted when I locate the files again.)

The Book of the Seniors
The record of the “Watery” sub-section of the Earthworks project, covering the invocations of the Seniors from the Elemental Tablet of Earth. Presents an interesting variation on the Set-Horus mythos.

The Lotus of the Temple: Sample Visions
A collection of visions illustrating the variety of forces and “magickal spaces” that can be contacted using this technique.

Circle City
Magickal record of the first use of the “Comselha” ritual technique.

The 91 Parts of the Earth
The record of an ongoing project, occasionally updated. The goal of this project is to invoke each of the Parts (also erroneously called “governors of the Aethyrs”) listed in John Dee's Liber Scientiae. As of 2/1/1998 slightly less than half of the invocations have been completed.

A Vision of Advorpt An earlier vision of one of the 91 Parts, with some interesting discussion of the structure of the Enochian system.