Previously Unpublished Articles by Frater Achad

Through the efforts of Frater 117 of Yggdrasil Camp, O.T.O. and Bishop T. Allen Greenfield, a number of new articles by Frater Achad are being released to the public. These articles will first be published (along with commentary and annotations by Bishop Greenfield) in Mjollnir, a quarterly journal from Yggdrasil Camp, which will be available online in Adobe Acrobat format.

For convenience, an unannotated HTML version of each article will be posted here, along with a link to the corresponding issue of Mjollnir for those who wish to read Bishop Greenfield's commentary.

The Treasure House of AchadMjollnir vol. 1, no. 1. An introduction to this series of Achad works by T. Allen Greenfield.

Belief vs. Knowledge – An essay contrasting religious belief with direct spiritual experience. From Mjollnir vol. 1, no. 2.

Mirrors of Life – Concerning subjective relativism and freedom of awareness. From Mjollnir vol. 1, no. 3.

Freedom – Concerning the enjoyment of life and living. From Mjollnir vol. 1, no. 4.

Untitled Letter to the Universal Brotherhood – Concerning Right Knowledge. From Mjollnir v.2 no. 4.

Thinking Backwards – Concerning Crowley's method of discovering “past lives”. From Mjollnir v2 no. 3

Nothing – Concerning the abandonment of all finite characteristics. From Mjollnir v2 no. 1