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The 91 Parts of the Earth, Section 2

Zirzird, Part 18 of 91, 3rd of MAZ. Zodiacal King: Gebabal  Ministers: 7220 Mundane association: Parthia

Monday, November 14, 1994 2:25 PM

Invoked Zirzird following the revised method.

As I vibrated the name of the Part, after the Call, a conical formation rose up out of the center of the circle, its lower part contiguous with the bounds of the inner circle. It was a tall narrow cone, of about my own height. It seemed to transform for a moment into a snow-covered mountain, upon which goats leapt upwards in great arcs. Then it was simply a whitish cone again.

The scene changes once more, and now there comes the escapee from the castle of the previous vision. No longer naked, he seems to have caught some of the goats and made rough clothes out of their skins. Far away behind him the castle can be seen, blank side facing me. (It seems we are on a height.) And the road into the wasteland comes in this direction before vanishing from sight below a ridge.

The man trudges along an upward trail. He carries a staff in one hand, and has a pack made of tough, woven grasses on his shoulders. He reminds me of the ancient man whose body was recently found frozen in a Swiss glacier.

(It is odd, but I feel the presence of the Devil of the Tarot card behind this vision.)

Now I see him from behind, looking up the mountain. The top is hidden in clouds; he is approaching the snowline just below the clouds. He attempts to follow the trail into the snow, but his feet begin slipping; he can make no progress. By straining mightily, he manages to get a few feet further, but the farther he goes, the more difficult it becomes. It seems that gravity is increasing, pulling him backwards.

Finally he is exhausted, and he slides back. Tumbling, he passes the snowline and rolls a ways down the trail before stopping and sitting up. A bit of snow follows and swirls around him, as if teasing him, and then falls to the ground.

He repeats his attempt two or three times, sliding backwards at the end each time.

Now a ghostly overlay comes on the scene. Hidden in the clouds, the tarot Devil sits upon the top of the mountain, which does not end in a point, but in a wide, flat area exactly at the level where the clouds begin. The mountain itself is the black cube of the tarot card, and the gravity is the chain that ties the male and female figures to the cube. The climber is one of those figures, though he does not know it.

The Voice says: “Men are tormented by the Great Illusion; the illusion that there is some pinnacle of achievement to be reached through striving against the pull of Earth. Thus they push ever upwards, seeking a topmost point that does not exist.

“As the Sun seems to climb to the peak of the sky, and rule over the day therefrom, so do men, looking upwards in the Spirit, see what appears to be a great spiritual Sun above them, ruling over the worlds in which they live and move. And so they climb towards it, seeking to partake of its nature.

“But it is not inherent in the heavens that there be such a pinnacle. The peaks of mountains are the result of gravity, of the pull of the Earth; and where that pull is not, neither is there any top to be reached. All spreads out in all directions; one place is not inherently “higher” than another. The categorizations of the Earth-bound existence collapse in the face of new conditions.

“That Sun, which seemed so high and so great, is, from that wider vantage (i.e. outside the Earth's influence) to be nothing more than a single point of light in an immensity so great as to be beyond any comprehension.

“The very act of striving against the Earth affirms that one is bound to the Earth; rather, give up that upon which the pull of Earth acts, abandon it to become one with the Earth. And then, that which remains may fly outwards.”

I waited for a while, but nothing more seemed to come. I thus closed the vision.

Seer's comments:

This vision continues the previous one, and borrows from it to keep the symbolism compact. The mountain here is the same one seen in the distance there. The mundane region connected with this Part, Parthia, doesn't seem to have any direct connection with what is seen.

The previous vision was connected with Cyprus, and this mountain is the Mount Olympus on that island. Since that “Olympus” is not the original, it is not the home of the gods, but instead a false image of that place, a suitable home for the Father of Lies.

The tarot card The Devil is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn, and connects Binah with Tiphereth in Achad's Tree of Life. The sign governs all struggles upwards against resistance, whether that be a physical struggle to climb a mountain, or a struggle upwards in the hierarchy of some organization. By association it rules all organizations with pyramidal structure.

I believe that this Part is in some sense the complement of the Part named Tiarpax, seen previously. There it was shown how the finite self, by emulating its “true father” in the act of undiscriminating love, becomes one with the divine. The process shown was one of attraction through similarity. Here we look at the complementary process, which is one of “pushing away” that which is below, in order to rise higher.

Either one can serve as a means of spiritual advancement. The problem is that, unlike Chokmah, Binah has no discernible characteristics, no innate tendencies of its own. It is the negation or cessation of all possible manifest characteristics and tendencies. Thus any perceived goal the person has in his struggle upwards is necessarily a projection of his own nature, or the generalized nature of the Ruach, represented by its center in Tiphereth. It is an illusion that conceals the true goal.

As long as one pursues such a projected goal, one is blind to the real goal. And simply pushing away from the finite aspects of being cannot get one into Binah. Rejection creates a bond with the thing being rejected; even as one pushes it away, one becomes more tied to it. Trying to reach Binah solely in this manner is like trying to touch the Moon by standing on a hill and jumping at it.

Opmacas, Part 19 of 91, 1st of DEO. Zodiacal King: Zarnaah Ministers: 6363 Mundane association: Getulia (Western Sahara, south of Morocco)

Saturday, November 26, 1994 3:14 PM

Invoked Opmacas following the revised method.

There came into my sight an image of the glyph of Libra. This glyph became three-dimensional, and took on the color of brass or bronze. At the pivot point was a point of searing white light, on which the arms rested. My viewpoint approached the balance, then took a quick left turn, moving out along one arm of the balance. At the end of the arm, an ornate hanging hook was attached to the arm by a cross piece; I realized the hook and crosspiece were the glyph of Saturn.

At the end of the other arm of the balance, a glyph of Jupiter was attached, hanging from curled-over end of the glyph's curved member. It curled around the arm and had it's weight so distributed that the vertical cross piece of the glyph was balanced directly below the arm.

But it seemed that this vertical piece was formed like a wavy-bladed knife (a kris?) with the point upwards, made out of some white metal, possibly tin. Instead of a hilt and handle at the lower end of the blade, there was a sphere of the same metal, with a surface sand-blasted into a grayish finish. (The whole looks like a single sperm cell; it also reminded me of Chokmah. As I thought this, I received confirmation of it.)

Now back at the other end of the balance, I saw that the lower end of the Saturn glyph was curled over into a small hook. Attached to this hook were four braided ropes. These descended and surrounded a much larger black ball. There was a sense of tremendous weight to this ball, though it was balanced by the gray sphere, which gave no such sense.

This ball had an insubstantial outer layer, into which the ropes sank slightly. Next came a tough integument of some sort, covering a jelly-like filling that took up most of the volume. Inside the filling the world floated, seeming at once to be whole, and to be decomposed into its myriad parts, down to the tiniest atom.

The Voice said, “What is the divine creative will without that upon which to expend itself? And what is the substance of being without that which fertilizes it and causes new things to arise from its infinite potential? Neither is whole without the other.

“With this Part, we transfer fully from the male side of the Tree to the female side. Though some earlier parts contained powers from this side, this was because they were necessary to maintain a balanced relationship in the activity of the male paths, or in the action of the neutral path of the central pillar. For example, the Parts of Capricorn, Fire, and Sol are so closely connected at their base that their powers interact and influence each other perpetually. To take one away from the other would be to disturb that balance.

(A pause.)

“As the winds shift in the fall, and the light becomes the dark of the year, so here does the balance of the Parts shift. And so is Libra the sign of this change. But the rulers of Libra are both feminine, so the shift is weighted towards the dark and does not return to the light until the weight of the male side is enhanced in the power of Aries.

“Love and Structure, acceptance and support; these are the powers of the feminine side of the tree, as they are the essential powers of the female human. And nourishment of growth; for is not the arc of Luna concealed within the sign of Saturn? And it is the waxing Moon, spilling its newly regenerated power into the world.

“And yet, one might object, further down this side are the powers all male. Why is this so, if the left-hand pillar is the side of the feminine?

“For this cause: that the power of Capricorn is the Mountain, the Mons, the ultimate solidity of the feminine principle of Structure. The male power of Mars climbs its heights, but without the mountain, its power would be expended uselessly. And so also for the Path of Mars; for the Tower is a thing of rock, of stone, and these are Saturn. The soldier conceals himself within the tower for defense, hiding in the Mother; so also he attacks the tower, seeking to penetrate the Lover. In both instances his actions would be futile without her; for aggression and thrust cannot exist without that against which to direct its energies. And spiritually this is rightly the feminine, where among the debased power is pitted against power in uncreative activity.

“And in yet another sense, the tower is not a phallus at all; but Caer Benoic or Carbonek, the castle that shelters the Grail.

“And so on down the Tree. In Virgo is the feminine power brought even further down; and we shall see Scorpio again, as it relates to this side of the Tree. Much more is to be given, never fear.

“For now, we are done.”

I thanked the Voice, and asked if I should invoke this Part again. The indication was that I should not, but should instead continue on.

Seer's comments:

As all the Parts are representative of a dynamic change of state, so here also. The form of change is the simple and well-understood shifting of the balance. The Zodiacal King Zarnaah, who rules this Part, is connected with Libra in the system of correspondences used for this work. Note that 19, the Part's number, is the mirror-image of 91, the total number of parts.

The balance here is viewed as between the divine masculine expression and the divine feminine, and introduces a new sequence of Parts descending from Kether primarily through the Pillar of Severity, where those previous were in the Pillars of Mildness and Mercy. But here the two aspects seem to be in equilibrium and very tightly bound to one another.

Bronze is a combination of a “female” metal, copper, with a “male” metal, tin; thus the balances seen in the image are a merger of the two aspects. Jupiter and Saturn are the paths that descend from Kether (the pivot of the balance) to Chokmah and Binah respectively in Achad's Tree of Life, and are themselves traditionally considered a complementary male and female pair. This becomes even more explicit in the representations of the “weights” on the ends of the balance as a sperm and ovum, and as the sephiroth generally labeled as the Father and Mother within the Tree of Life.

There follows a somewhat revisionist interpretation of the paths of Capricorn and Mars. These are traditionally “male” in nature, but the viewpoint emphasizes the necessity for the presence of an opposite, “female” aspect of existence before these powers can be used with effect. Mountains have often been seen as feminine in nature; association with the breasts and the Mons Veneris are common. The Goat is nothing without the mountain on which to climb.

The Tower of Mars is viewed here not as the phallus, the embodiment of the male principle, but rather as the object of that principle's efforts. The inside of the tower is emphasized, its nature as an enclosure, and thus it is transformed into a symbol of the kteis, the vagina and womb. Thus the male power can be protected inside it, like a child in the womb, while another male power seeks to penetrate it and place itself inside.

Genadol, Part 20 of 91, 2nd of DEO. Zodiacal King: Hononol (Taurus) Ministers: 7706 Mundane association: Arabia (Arabian Peninsula, except the Red Sea coast and Yemen.)

Monday, December 19, 1994 12:03 AM

Invoked Genadol according to the revised procedure.

A curtain split before me, and behind it was the glyph of Taurus, in gold on a black background. The black was abysmally deep; nothing of light could be seen in it.

Now the glyph split into two parts, the crescent becoming the moon in the night sky, the circle becoming a gold coin; the latter fell to earth, spinning through the air. (The coin has a simple, equal-armed cross embossed upon it.) White tears seemed to leak from the lower arm of the moon, or to condense upon it. Each one swelled and fell off, changing in midair to another coin. The air was quickly filled with coins and other things of great value, all condensing from an invisible menstruum around the moon.

The darkness is very pleasant, and seems infinite in extent.

“This is she of whom it is said, she brings forth all things, but is never empty; she holds all things in herself, but is never full. Out of her comes the world in all its glory, indeed, all worlds are within her at all times. The Father's seed concentrates her substance, but can never exhaust it.”

(I don't know whether the above paragraph was my own thought, or another's.)

Now all the things falling through the air finally hit the Earth, and are absorbed into it; they disappear from sight, but the sense of their value, of riches and wealth, remains. The Earth itself becomes those riches.

My sight draws nearer to the Earth, and it seems that I am above the southern part of the Arabian peninsula, close to its southeast corner. And I see below a caravan, bringing frankincense and spices north-westwards across the desert. Camels and asses are loaded high; richly-woven carpets pad them, other carpets cover the loads. Sounds of jingling bells and sweet music follow them.

A thought comes to me: the sun is the destroyer in this land, the moon the succorer. For the heat of the day wears down all things, burning the life from them. But under the moon men can work or travel in comfort. And deeper in time, this was the land of the goddess, as were the lands to the north; her hidden influence still lingers, sustaining the faith of those who now direct that faith to another god. (Something here also about the lunar crescent being the symbol of all these lands even today.)

Seer's comments:

This Part is the first attributed to Taurus among the 91. Taurus is ruled by Venus and has Luna exalted; thus it is, in a sense, the ultimate “feminine” sign. This seems appropriate for the first Part to follow the “shifting of the balance” described in the previous Part.

The black background is Binah, the infinite, transcendental no-thing from which any thing finite is produced. The horns of the Taurus glyph become the Moon as image or mask of Binah, the “bright, fertile Mother”, AIMA. Stimulated by the Father she produces a liquid essence from which anything may be (and is) made. The fruits of the Mother then fall into the Earth and become one with it, so that the Daughter partakes of her Mother's nature.

Material wealth in general is attributed to Taurus, as is trade in goods. The camels of the caravan are Lunar by connection with the planet's Hebrew letter. The form of frankincense reflects the drops falling from Luna in the previous image, as does the means by which it is produced.

July 9, 1995 1:20 p.m.

Invoked Genadol according to the usual procedure. The sigil of the Part (upon which I was standing) fell away beneath me, and merged into the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia. My body expanded until it seemed that my feet were in Arabia, and my body stood extending far above the Earth. I could not see my body, but only feel it.

Once again I heard the voice, saying faintly “This is She from whom all things come, yet She is not empty; this is She who holds all things in Herself, yet is not full; this is She who showers upon the Earth her everlasting life and wealth. She has taken the Father's seed and made it one with the Earth her daughter.” Essentially the same as in December's vision; only small changes in wording, no change in meaning. The voice reduced to a faint chanting in the background, from which no more words could be distinguished.

Now another voice comes and says: “Where Eden was, now stands a desert. For the evil of man has eaten up Her life here, and taken all the wealth therefrom, and carried it away unto distant lands. There is naught left but the bones of the world here. Yet even the marrow of those bones is being taken; and soon shall naught be left of her glory save dry dust and stone, unto the center of the Earth.

“Yet in another place is Eden still as it was; naught is lost to the world. Memory fades, yet in the essence of things is the past preserved. She holds it in Herself, and shall bring it forth again in those days when men desire to restore the world. As a vision shall it come to them in those days, and through their knowledge and will shall it be made manifest again.

“Now looks upwards, o man, unto the places from which you came.”

I looked towards the stars, and the pull of Earth beneath me faded. And it seemed that all the stars there are were compressed within a ring of glowing golden color, surrounded by that ring. The glow extended inwards, enclosing the stars from above and below in a lenticular shape. Knowledge came that the lens is a mystery of Her, for from above or below it shows the circle of enclosure; while from any side view it is the Vesica Piscis, the gate from which things are born. Thus the lens comprises both the womb and vagina, but in a manner different from the glyph of Venus; for since the lens is both womb and gate, things are born from Her yet they remain perpetually enclosed within Her.

I contemplated this lens for a while in silence. Then a great beam of light appeared and passed through the lens, being focused to a point by it. And I knew that this beam was a male power of some sort. The voice said:

“Within the Earth is the Mother complemented by the Father; she brings forth that which His creative will signifies. And so it is in the greater world as well; the entire universe is a vehicle by which a greater Father works his creative will. What that will is, none knows; for that Father is incomprehensible even to the highest gods. How much more lacking is our own understanding? We know that it is so, but little else.

“And here is the ultimate mystery: that there is one Mother, but many Fathers. For the Mother who acts within the Earth is the same who holds the universe in her womb. There is no division in her. But the sources of creation are not one; many creative beings act upon her to bring forth their creations; each such being is a Father, and works his will alone and separate from the rest. The men of Earth (comprising also the women of Earth) work their wills upon her, and bring forth new things within the world. The gods work their wills upon her and bring forth stars, and planets, and those greater structures that are invisible to men.

“Each works their own will, but despite this, there seems to be a unity, a coordination among their creations. Some of this is because the lesser creators act within a field that greater creators have already shaped somewhat; thus within any given world it seems that there is one Plan shaping everything. But the greater and more comprehensive unity comes from the fact that all are dealing with the substance of the same Mother, bringing forth their creations out of Her, so that all of their creations are Her children and show family resemblances to each other.

“Contemplate the Mother, o man, and know Her. Much that comes after in this series is dependent upon Her, and comes directly from Her womb into the world.”

I did so for some time.

“We are done.”

Seer's comments:

The principles of male-vs.-female in these visions seems to have many echoes with Liber AL. Nuit is “continuous” as the Mother here has “no division in her.” Hadit can be many places, is multiple, just as in the early visions of this series we saw the male force in the form of countless sparks of divine creative fire. The union between the continuity of the former and the diversity of the latter is the ever-changing, ever-renewing world of events, depicted as the 91 Parts themselves in these visions, and as Ra-Hoor-Khuit in Thelema.

I wonder at the paucity of ideas relating to Nuit in Thelemic doctrine. There are a few practical works related to her – the Gnostic Mass, Liber NV. Liber NV seems too glib and hacked-together to me; it shows little real understanding. Explications of her nature and its philosophical consequences are non-existent in A.C.'s works; even in The Vision and The Voice she is hardly visible. I suppose the prophet of the Brat-God had too little sympathy with her to do the job right.

Aspiaon, Part 21 of 91. 3rd of DEO. Zodiacal King: Zinggen. Ministers: 6320. Mundane association: Phalagon (a region unknown to Dee. Possibly Faliscan, an area of southern Etruria.)

July 12, 1995 3:45 PM

The vision opened with a brief image of torrential rain, gone almost before it was seen. Then it seemed as if I were in a region of deep, still, clear water, but colored purple or mauve of the shade sometimes seen in the body's internal organs. [7/13/95 – The color of the inside of the womb during a woman's fertile days of the month, when it is engorged with blood.]

Within this water – if water it is – there floated many small pearl-like spheres, distributed thinly throughout the volume I could see.

The voice said: “Each of these 'pearls' is a world; no, not a single planet necessarily, but a region wherein a single creative theme is being manifested. It might, in time and space, be a planet, or a sun, or a person or some other thing. But here within the womb of the Mother, in the amnion of her body, are these creations the simple things you see. They are precipitated out of her undivided fluid by the stimulus of the Father's seed; each seed is at the core of one of the pearls you see, and she builds upon it those things necessary for it to become manifest.”

Another brief image here. I moved toward one of the pearls and passed into it. Passing the boundary, an unending variety of things exploded outwards around me. Everything was in a tremendous state of activity, things changing into other things, new things constantly arising, old things disappearing and re-appearing in a modified form. I couldn't grasp but a small portion of what was going on. Then I was as suddenly back where I began, and all that activity was shut off as if it had never been. All this took place within a second, but seemed longer in terms of experience.

“That which is inside them, which is their nature, is of no importance here. For she transcends all such creations in herself. She is not affected by them, nor is she in any way active within them. (Though she is present therein at all times, yet she does not act or move.) [That is, the particular theme being expressed inside a “pearl” is a wholly internal matter, and is irrelevant to the realm which contains it. Anything that expresses a specific nature is not Her.]

“They see her not, who are within such a pearl; they know her not, nor can they come to her without abandoning that which they are. For she is free of all conditions, all distinctions, all differentiations and limits; she is the 'none' that encloses their “sum”. [I heard “sum” as a three-way cabalistic pun, meaning “sum” in the sense of “totality”, “some” in the sense of quantified thing-ness, and the Latin “sum” or “I am”.]

“She is Nought, yet All cannot contain her; the smallest portion of her would overflow it. (And this word 'portion' is a lie even to speak in her presence.)

“Go you to her, o man, and become her servant. She it is that is your true core of being, the unchanging, end- and beginning-less [a word not comprehended here] of you. Not Set, for he is her Servant as you are, and made you out of her at her direction. Not any god is at the core of your being; there is no core, only endlessness.”

(I don't know whether this statement is specific to myself, or a general statement of man's condition. The unspoken subtext seems to say the former; The god Set is my “father”, but in some circular fashion his creation was the will of the Mother, according to terms she somehow specified. How an undifferentiated, non-acting whatever-she-is could do this is beyond my understanding.)

“We are done for the moment. Come again to this place before going on.”

Friday, July 14, 1995 1:33 PM

Once again I get a brief glimpse of torrential rains, then the image changes to a mountainous seacoast, possibly a peninsula jutting out into the sea – I cannot tell from my viewpoint, which is out over the sea. (near Sorrento, south of Naples?) Three sharp-peaked mountains are the peaks of the Part's sigil.

Now my viewpoint sinks into the sea, first through brightly-lit water full of colorful fishes, then through darker, blue-violet water. Finally into a region where the water is dark, not with the absence of light, but because its color is ultraviolet, beyond my sight.

Strange shapes form and dissolve, hardly seen in the moments they exist. One seems to be a wire-like outline of a cube, but with a hole in the middle. (That is, a spherical region of absence is suspended in the center of the cubical frame.)

Another looks like a dog with three heads, each one pointed to a different point of an equilateral triangle. Or is it a trefoil brass candle-holder? I cannot tell.

A Russian icon of Jesus, complete with gold-leaf halo, comes and goes again. His left hand is held down and palm-forward, with the thumb and first two fingers spread and the other two fingers folded against the palm. The right shows the same gesture, but with the hand raised to breast-height and the fingers pointing upwards. The icon tilts backwards until only its edge is visible, and then floats upwards out of sight. I do not know what this means.

The voice says: “That which is the source of creation is also a source of destruction. For are not the waters below as they are above? [That is, the Mother surrounds all creations, so she is as much “below” them as she is “above” them in their internal coordinate system, even though that system is meaningless in her own context.]

“She is the power that burns in the depths of being, that churns up the detritus of ancient days and brings it forth into the light. She is the acid that eats at the roots of being, and hell is in her as much as is heaven. If one sinks into those depths, then one encounters her in a seemingly evil aspect, as she destroys him. She is the ending-place of the Black Brothers as she is of the White, though they know it not and would deny it if they could.

“We say these things not to scare, but simply as fact. She is there; her being surrounds all. In either direction one comes to her, at the ends of creation.”

I felt myself continuing to sink into the water, and the forms ceased to appear. Momentarily there was a sense of many disconnected particles flashing about. Then it felt as if I had passed through some sort of membrane and had fallen out of some enclosed region into a larger one. The flashing particles became stars filling the sky below me, while above was a great sphere of a dark purplish-silver color. And now I wasn't falling “down”, but “away” from that sphere.

And as I moved away, I saw that what I thought were stars were actually galaxies. I could sense all the individual stars that composed each one, and all the living planets that circled those stars. And on one of those planets was the mountainous peninsula I saw at the start of the vision.

“The end is the beginning. There is, in truth, no beginning or end within a creation; it circles back on itself to be fully enclosing in all dimensions. The smallest becomes the largest, and the largest circles back to become, in time, the smallest. And outside all dimensions She supports them, and feeds them.”

Now I am back in the mauve sea of the first vision, with the pearls floating around me. And every one of them contains all that I have seen here, the entire circle of creation from largest to smallest. I feel myself dissolving into that sea.

(Here the seer abandoned the vision and went to meditate. He found himself dissolving and re-forming many times over the next half-hour, at which time he reformulated himself by his will and went about his daily business.)

Seer's comments:

Here again we have a presentation related to the Mother aspect of divinity, without any reference to a particular path of the Tree of Life. Perhaps this and the previous two visions serve as a general introduction in a way roughly analogous to that in which the three Parts of LIL served for the Parts as a whole and for the Father aspect. Note the contrast between the theme of division and conflict there and the theme of non-division and continuity here.

The deep, still water of the opening image reflects the Piscean attribute of the Zodiacal King. Possibly the rain does as well, as a representation of the biblical Flood. The mauve coloration of the water may be a blind for the invisible “ultraviolet” that is the King Scale color of the sign.

The presentation of the Mother as “undivided”, etc. is typical of Binah, but I believe that a higher state is meant here, with Binah being its reflection, or that portion of it that can be experienced within the limits of the terrestrial Tree of Life. In standard cabalistic terms the Mother of Binah is co-equal with or slightly inferior to the Father in Chokmah, where here it is stated to be definitely superior in some sense.

However, the next three paragraphs definitely relate to Binah; whether they also relate to that higher level I cannot know. The movement into and back out of the pearl connects to one Binah experience in which the finite levels are perceived as being “sealed off” in some way from the transcendental levels, with the internal finite events being irrelevant or meaningless within the larger context.

In Friday's vision the Piscean element is stronger. The sea becomes the true Piscean King Scale color. The forms all relate in some way to Pisces experiences: the cube and hole are the perception of the emptiness of a purely finite existence; Cerberus is Hell or suffering; the candle-holder is devotion to God, overcoming suffering; and Christ is the final salvation. The whole series is a summary of the religious (as distinct from the magickal) interpretation of the universal formula of INRI.

The vision then returns to the idea of the Mother as the Universal Container. The words speak of the Black and White Brothers, but the unspoken subtext had a slightly different import. Whether one moves towards the seeming unity of the Father, or towards the chaos at the roots of being, one eventually encounters her and must dissolve oneself in her to attain her level. In fact, with the principle that there are many Fathers, as spoken earlier, the difference between the endpoints disappears. If there are a multitude of creative realms on the cosmic level then the conditions there must be similar in gross outline to conditions on the sub-atomic level. Thus in the final image one turns into the other.

Zamfres, Part 22 of 91, 1st of ZID. Zodiacal King: Gebabal. Ministers: 4362. Mundane association: Mantiana (a mountainous region along the western border of current-day Iran, where it meets Turkey and Iraq. East of Lake Van, west of Lake Urmia.)

Invoked Zamfres according to the usual custom. Vibrating the name Gebabal produced an unusually strong response.

As the vision opened I was looking at the mundane region (of Zamfres) from above. For a moment the two lakes to either side became the eyes of some god looking back at me; the twin rows of mountains running north-south between them became the bridge of his nose. The spreading Tigris-Euphrates flood plain to the south became the fleshy part of his nose. Then the eyes closed, and a pressure I was not aware of eased, as if some great being had judged me and found me too inconsequential to deal with.

The glyph of Cancer formed about the lakes, each at the center of one of the glyph's circles. The two curved arms above and below encircled and enclosed the region ruled by Zamfres.

The voice said: “Ea rules the great subterranean sea, and his eyes upon the world are those lakes that you see. Therein, it is said, he concentrates the salts that would otherwise dispel the purity of his realm; for the underground sea is fresh, not salt water, and the springs of the Earth do come forth from it.

“Now in the spring of one year did the waters below burst forth; not in refreshing fountains but in great gouts of water that did destroy all about. And the rains came as well, out of season, and with the tears of Ea, that flow from his eyelids, did inundate the lands of men.

“Fifteen cubits did the waters rise, and the cities and fields of men were awash. Covered over were the cities of men, for they did dwell beside the rivers. Covered over were the fields of men, not with the life-renewing floods of normal times, but with the destroying waters. And the great Temples and groves of the Mother were all destroyed.

“It is said that Enlil caused this destruction, because the noise of men kept him from sleeping. And this is not so, for the noise did bother him not because of loss of sleep, but because that noise was raised in worship of the Mother, holy Inanna, and little of it was raised in his own praise. Thus did jealousy, hid secretly in the heart, cause the destruction of the world by water.

“And in this time was one man saved, along with his people. Ea whispered in his ear, the ear of Ziusudra, and did cause him to raise up a ship fit to withstand the flood. And this ship was itself an act of worship – did it not have seven decks, and were not they divided each into nine compartments? Thus it was a Temple of the World, to hold all the world within it.

“And into the boat did Ziusudra take all that was needful for the restarting of the world. Of people and animals and goods did he take all that was needful, and all his wealth as well. And in the time of the flood, when the rains came with great destruction, and the waters rose up to destroy men's abodes, and the great wind out of the south blew, then did Ziusudra enter his boat, and come to be saved. And all his people with him.

“The great south wind, raised by the god, did blow the ship northwards, unto the brow of Ea. And there, when the waters receded, did it come to rest. And when the birds did show that the Earth was safe to trod upon again, then did Ziusudra come forth with all his people and make great sacrifices to the gods. And the gods were needful of this, and partook of the sacrifice with great hunger. As it is written: 'The gods hovered about the sacrifice like flies about the offering.'

“And the gods did rebuke the Destroyer for seeking to bring about the end of Man. For without man, who would feed the gods? Who would supply them with offerings of meat, and grain, and beer? And who would, in their own time, replace them? And so the gods placed a protection upon mankind, that they not again be destroyed.

“And Ziusudra and his wife, they made into gods; granting them the immortality of the gods, and giving them to dwell ever after in paradise, beyond the mouths of the waters.”

“And so goes the tale of the flood, o man. And you have wondered over it, seeking its significance. But what other significance could it have but that great process hidden in INRI? [A thought of annoyance from me evokes an amused tone from the Voice.] You cannot escape it, o man, it is everywhere. Consider:

It is Inanna, the earth-mother, of whom Enlil is jealous. Enlil himself brings destruction, and so is Scorpio-water. Ea who is Shamash preserves him, and forces Enlil to give him a “soul even like unto that of the gods.” Earth, Death-Water, Sun, and Air or Spirit – thus again does INRI intrude into the affairs of men.

“Now there is more to be seen here, now that this is out of the way. This is indeed the power of Zamfres manifesting, and in another time we will show you a different view.

“Come again, and see. We are done.”

Seer's comments:

I had been invoking Zamfres informally for a couple of days before this vision. About all I got out of these invocations was a mild obsession with the Flood story. But it didn't seem quite to connect. I suspect that this recitation of the Babylonian Flood story is to get this (possibly superficial) interpretation of the Part's power out of the way, so that something more direct and meaningful can come through.

The vision of the previous Part mentioned the “waters below”; Ea is a personification of them. Since the entire world (from the Babylonian viewpoint) is part of this Face of Ea, this is a repetition of the idea previously put forth that water surrounds the universe.

The “tears of Ea” are the meltwaters that normally caused the Tigris and Euphrates to rise and renew the soil of Mesopotamia in spring. These come from the mountains surrounding the two lakes Van and Urmia, and thus metaphorically leak from the eyelids of the god.

One can imagine the Babylonian version of the Flood having some basis in reality. The topography of the region is such that it wouldn't take a great deal of extra water to flood most of the inhabited areas of Mesopotamia. In the days before flood-control, the Mississippi and Missouri rivers regularly flooded much larger areas. Unusually heavy rains could easily produce such an effect without any miraculous intervention. Since Enlil is the god of storms, he would naturally be blamed for it by the survivors.

Ziusudra's boat is said to be a Temple of the World. He was instructed to build it as a cube 120 cubits in every dimension; thus its three dimensions sum to 360, the numerical symbol of the circle (which originated with the Babylonians). Within the circle of the universe, it has seven levels for the seven planets. Each level has nine compartments, which I speculate corresponds not to the usual lunar symbolism, but to the nine fruits on the Tree of the World – roughly equivalent to the sephiroth. So it encompasses both the heavens and the Earth within its design.

The interpretation of the story in terms of the INRI formula distorts the attributes of the gods somewhat. In Babylonian terms Ea is a god of Water and Enlil is an Earth-god. With Anu they make up the prime triumvirate of the pantheon. They correspond to the Greek triumvirate of Poseidon, Pluto, and Zeus, who divided up the world between them.

But the association is probably valid anyway. The Earthy aspect of the story is the prediluvian world of Mesopotamia – fertile, wealthy, and happy. The Scorpio aspect is the Flood itself. Ziusudra survives by creating a microcosm – metaphorically discovering his solar self. And the granting of a god-like spirit raises him into the Airy realm of the final “I” of INRI.

Incidentally, the Part's mundane region, Mantiana, was at one time the Kingdom of Ararat, the same “mountains of Ararat” where Noah's Ark landed after the biblical version of the story.

Wednesday, July 19, 1995

After yesterday's work, I had an increasingly strong conviction that I hadn't really penetrated into the core of the part. The vision of the Flood seemed at least somewhat appropriate, given the zodiac association of the ruling King; but I felt that it had been thrown off by the Part as a diversion, or in the way that some lizards will sacrifice their tails in order to escape being eaten.

Late last night (this morning rather, around 12:30 am) I invoked the Part again with the intent to examine its energies and see if I could get a clearer perception of what was going on. I did not record the work at the time, in order that I could give all of my attention to the task.

The first invocation produced a sense of energy basically similar to what I got during the vision. But there was also a sense of something behind it that was of a different, deeper character. Repeating the invocations, I began to perceive the superficial energies as a shell surrounding this core; it seemed to produce a centripetal effect in anything that touched it. That is, it imparted a sideways vector, the way a spinning object will knock away anything that hits it at some odd angle.

I did additional invocations, calling repeatedly upon the God of Hosts and the Enochian God by his twelve names, in addition to the usual names associated with the Part. This seemed to increase the power of that central core, but did nothing towards enabling me to enter it.

At some point, I decided a diversion of my own was in order. If the defenses of this place were set against my usual astral body, then perhaps using a different one would enable me to pass them. For many years I have worked at developing a second astral body in female form; it is a construct intended to provide a sensory base in which I could explore the “feminine” mode of my own personality. It was never intended to be used for magickal work, but I tried to use it so now. Leaving my regular magickal body in place, I transferred my awareness to this other body, and moved it around to one side of the region I was trying to enter. Then I tried to slip in while the defenses were still focused elsewhere.

It seemed to work, to some extent. I felt that I was “inside” the region and was feeling its power around me instead of from outside. Almost as soon as I entered, some slight modifications occurred to the body. An Egyptian “Crown of the North” – shaped somewhat like a red shmoo – appeared on my head, with the plumes of Maat mounted to either side of it. The facial features took on a nilotic cast, and the eyes turned from green to brown. The hair remained black. (I was seeing this reflected on the inside of the aura around the body.) A dress formed around me, reminiscent of the styles in ancient Egyptian stele.

I moved further in, and more changes took place. The crown disappeared, to be replaced by a built-up hair style (I forget what women call it – beehive?) with the hair threaded around with thin golden ropes. My hair became very wavy where before it was straight. The dress changed into the “Cretan” style – breasts exposed but pushed up by a tight corset-like jacket, long skirt. Bracelets in the form of serpents appeared on my wrists. I felt several inches taller as well.

In both of these forms, I felt very like a priestess. But it was as if I was remembering and taking on an old form rather than manufacturing the feelings from my imagination.

Now I was simultaneously in this body, and viewing it and its surroundings from above and behind her. I made some sorts of gestures – the nature of which I don't recall now – and called upon the Gods and the names of the Part again. A brilliant aura formed about me, and it seemed that stars played about on its surface.

There appeared before me a large group of beings; I could not tell if their forms were male or female. The each wore clothes like those of a dervish-dancer, save that a small cap with cylindrical sides about two inches high was added. And instead of the dervish's white, these were covered in intricate geometric patterns, in which red and yellow predominated.

These beings began to dance, a dance composed mostly of spinning motions but with an occasional leap or lifted leg. Their skirts flared out as they spun, revealing bare feet. Their spinning motion carried them each sideways, moving in arcs punctuated sometimes by small loops. Their was no regular pattern to their movements; the motion carried them randomly around the visible area, and sometimes out of it. I took these beings to be the ministers of the Part, and their motions to be in some way dictated by the Part's energies. I watched, trying to feel the power behind them.

After ten minutes of this, I began to feel myself drifting from a meditative state towards sleep, so I ended the work and returned to my physical body. Waiting to fall asleep, I still felt my female astral body distinctly, though it remained more or less congruent with my physical body. An aura remained around me, in which a horde of tiny, shimmering pentagrams flashed about. Eventually this subsided, and I slept.

Writing this all down, I seem to have re-invoked something of last night's power. I can hear the Voice of the Part saying:

“Hail unto She who is the night-sky; she has come to us! She whose eyes and hair are the darkness of night; whose crown is made of stars; whose necklace is of lapis set in silver. She who encompasses all within herself; from whose womb all things come, and from whose breasts comes the milk of her heart to feed them. This is she whose power is one with all gods; whose womb opens to them that they might create children to fill all lands and times. Whom the Serpent serves in all things; acknowledge Her, o Serpent, and be one with her!”

I feel that this last is directed at me, and raise my awareness in a focus of greeting and contact.

“Now comes the Serpent, her servant in all things, who has carried her will in the world since the time of man was not yet born. He is the Snake whose burrowing undermines all realities, dispersing their solidity [or, possibly “breaking their forms”] so that her power shall shine in the depths as it does in the heights of the night-sky. Think ye, o man, that your work is in vain? Think not so; it shall be fulfilled. That which comes as a sun in the sky is not all of the spirit; that which penetrates unknown is often more effective, and shall have longer effect. [I don't know what inspired these last comments.]

“O Serpent, come you now or later, and you shall see what is here. Come in your female form, girt about with your ensigns of office, and we shall let you enter here and know for all to see.”

I feel that I need a little more practice before trying to use my female body in my normal visionary mode; it is too difficult to split my focus between seeing and recording. So I indicate that I will do so at another time.

“Then we are done for now. Farewell.”

Friday, July 21, 1995 10:46 AM

Invoked Zamfres with the usual method. I formulated my magickal body in a female form, dressed as a priestess of Inanna.

The sigil of the Part rose up out of the circle and hung before me in the air. A second copy of it split from the first, flipped over on its vertical axis and moved to one side. Now a long staff like a shepherd's staff came up from below and stopped between them; it was a plain wooden staff with a small knob on the top end.

The two sigils became serpents, and moved inwards to wrap themselves around the staff. Their tails


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