Enochian Initiatory Workings Originally posted to the Enochian-l discussion list, December 16, 1996

A. wrote:

…what I'm really looking for, however, is a self-initiation ritual using

Enochian Magick. Or at least some suggestions of a place to start. In a

sense, just performing the Enochian rituals serve as an initiation.

Hmmm…if you're into very BIG rituals, you might look at “Comselha: An Enochian Macrocosmic Ritual.” [snip] I suspect you would think it is overkill for your purposes, but it might give you some ideas.

This ritual invokes all the Enochian powers that relate to the realms in Tiphereth and above, and focuses them into a pattern centered on the magician. It doesn't deal directly with the issue of the H.G.A., but it can definitely open one's awareness to the levels of existence where the H.G.A. becomes known. I imagine that, having invoked all these powers, one could devise a ritual to focus them to the task of contacting the H.G.A.

As far as I know, no one has as yet devised a set of initiation or self-initiation rituals based solely on the Enochian powers – unless Jerry Schueler's recent effort counts as such; I would say it does, despite its faults. The task can definitely be done, and I'm going to start thinking about it now that you've put the idea into my head.

But the form of these rituals would likely be somewhat different from a method of working based on the Tree of Life. There is no direct correlation between the structure of the Tablets and that of the Tree; they divide the magickal universe up according to different maps. Better to work with the magick on its own terms than to try and force it into an inappropriate vessel. Let's consider the necessary parts of the initiatory process below Tiphereth, and see what we can come up with.

As I see it, the goal of initiation is not only to raise the consciousness to a higher level. As well, one must purify the lower “bodies” and reconfigure them so that they are capable of receiving from and responding to the newly-opened levels in a free and flexible manner. Failure to do this accounts for much of the inappropriate thoughts and behavior – and outright looniness – people exhibit after contacting a higher level. The Golden Dawn's initiations were supposed to do this, progressively balancing and purifying the physical body, the emotional/astral nature, the intellect and the personality. It was only after this was done that the initiate was given the task of contacting his H.G.A.

From my experience of them, the Lesser Angle powers are perfectly suited to each of these tasks. One could devise a series of rituals in which one goes through all of the Lesser Angles in turn, progressively purifying and balancing the parts of the mundane being with which they relate, and orienting them to the spirit. I.e., the four L.A.s of the the Earth Tablet to work on the body, the Air Tablet for the emotional/astral nature, the Water Tablet for the intellect, and the Fire Tablet for the personality. Or whatever way you see the elemental associations of those bodies.

Look back about a week in the list's messages, and you'll see one titled “Lesser Angle Angels”, which briefly describes the way I see the various powers of the Lesser Angles. In the context of self-initiation, the god-name of six letters would be the reflection in the elemental worlds of the power of Kether descending on Tiphereth. The god-name of five letters would be the reflection of your H.G.A. in Tiphereth, presiding over the work, guiding you, and drawing you up towards itself. The “Kerubic” angels represent the universal formula of Change, enabling the process, and the “Servient” angels are the ones who actually perform the process of purification and balancing.

A skeletal outline of such a ritual might go something like this:

1. Recite the First Call

2. Recite the appropriate Call for the Lesser Angle.

3. Vibrate the six-letter Name of God several times. Using language appropriate to your beliefs, invoke the blessing of the Divine upon the work in progress, and upon your spiritual goals.

4. Vibrate the five-letter Name of God several times. Invoke your H.G.A. (or the Christ, if you prefer) affirm your connection with the H.G.A., your acceptance of its guidance, and ask that it preside over the work in progress to assure that it take place properly.

5. Vibrate the Kerubic god-name and the names of the Kerubic Angels. Call upon them to bring the power of change to bear upon the work to make it as effective as possible.

6. Vibrate the name of each Servient Angel in turn, in the correct sequence. (That is, starting with the one listed at the bottom of the Lesser Angle, and working upwards.) As each one is invoked, visualize the angel's power going to work on your being, performing that part of the purification process that it governs.

7. Make some sort of closing speech, declaring the work to have been a success, thanking the angels and your H.G.A., and asking for their assistance as needed in the future.

8. Spend some time absorbing the invoked energies, meditating on any insights that might have happened during the ceremony, and just generally relaxing the mind.

I'll let my unconscious work on this for a while; if it comes up with an interesting ceremony, I'll post it here.


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