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Recent and Forthcoming Additions

Recent Additions

In the Featured Papers area….

  • Angelmas: An Enochian Sacrament. A mass by Michael Sanborn and the Enochian Liturgy Group of Thelema Lodge, O.T.O., incorporating prayers and operations from the angelic diaries of John Dee, and a eucharistic rite modeled on elements from the Book of Common Prayer used in Dee's time.

In the Classics of Magick area….

  • July 10: Transcendental Magic by Eliphas Levi. Part 1, concerning the theory of magick, is currently posted. Part 2 will follow shortly.
  • January 19, 2002 Transcendental Magic, Part 2 is finally done! Profuse apologies for the delay; between a couple of illnesses and a new computer that turned out to be a lemon, I had to start over again on this piece several times.

In the Frater Achad area….

  • Parzival on the Mystery of Sex. A private letter from Achad discussing sex in a Thelemic context.
  • July 10: Three more previously-unpublished essays!


Forthcoming Additions (whenever I get around to finishing them.)

In the Featured Papers area….

  • Experiences of the Master of the Temple. A condensed description of Norton II's initiation into the grade. Concentrates on the process aspect, showing how many primal realizations of the grade (as described by past Masters) fit into the progressive development of the grade's state of awareness.

In the Classics of Magick area….

  • The Key of the Mysteries by Eliphas Levi.

In the Frater Achad area….

  • Links to even more previously-unpublished works by the good Frater.


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