The Tabula Bonorum

The Tabula Bonorum

The Table of the 49 “Good Angels” or Tabula Bonorum

The Table of the 49 "Good Angels" or Tabula Bonorum

The first angel in each of the seven sectors is counted as a King, and rules the planet and day of the week indicated by the circled planetary glyphs. The first of these Kings, Baligon, also rules the entire Heptarchic system under his alias of Carmara. Each King has under him a Prince, who is the second angel in the preceding sector. E.g., Baligon's prince is Bagenol from the sector of Luna.

The remaining angels in the Tablet have no special rank, and no details as to their functions and uses are given in the diaries.

The King and Prince rule a specific day of the week, and have a set of 42 ministers that, in groups of seven, rule a four-hour section of that day. The name of the principal minister in each group is derived from the Tabula Bonorum according to a method that varies for each King. The names of the remaining ministers are derived from the principal minister's name by rotating the letters.

The following illustration shows the method by which each King's ministers are derived from the Tabula Bonorum.

Heptarchic minister derivations

In the first five instances, the green line shows the letters selected out of the “Solar” sector of the Tabula Bonorum to get the first principal minister's name. The letters in the same relative positions in the following five sectors are selected to get the names of the remaining principal ministers of each King.

In the case of Baligon/Carmara, the ministers' names are formed entirely from the names of the seven Heptarchic Kings. The Kings' names are listed in the sequence they appear in the Tabula Bonorum; the ministers' names are found by reading down the columns, omitting the first column. Note that these same names appear in the second version of the Twelve-by-Seven Table, and thus also appear on the rim of the Holy Table of Practice.

For King Bnapsen, the ministers' names are only partially derived from the Tabula Bonorum. The six colored lines show the portion of each name that is found in the Table; the remaining letters of the names do not appear to be derivable from the Table by any consistent method.

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